“14th Five-year plan” city digital construction speed up e-paper to help realize the vision

  ”To embrace the digital era,accelerate the building of a digital economy,a digital society and a digital government,and drive changes in the mode of production,way of life and governance through digital transformation.”

  –Outline of the 14th Five-Year Plan for National Economic and Social Development of the People’s Republic of China and the Vision For 2035

City digital transformation speed|drive technology innovation

  In 2020,the traditional way of life and production is facing challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic,and the demand for informatization and digitization is surging.In 2021,the goal of”dual carbon”will be implemented,and”high-quality steps”will be taken to upgrade urban digital transformation into a national strategy.

  After years of digital and intelligent development,China’s cities continue to extend to the urban grass-roots and industrial scenes,paying more attention to the application and actual effect of the scene.Technological innovation is the key to urban digital transformation,and technological innovation provides a strong driving force for urban digital transformation.


Business smart city with large modern buildings and transport interchange. Internet concept city life.

  The digital construction of smart city is inseparable from the transformation and upgrading of transportation,retail,logistics,medical care,education and other fields.The Internet of Things technology solves the obstacles of automatic information collection,acquisition and transmission,which is the most important foundation for the digital development of smart city.

Power wisdom city upgrade|digital e-paper display technology

  Realizing the value of iot technology requires the deployment of hundreds of millions of intelligent terminal devices in different application scenarios,and most of these devices need to use displays as human-computer interaction interfaces.Due to its bistable and reflective display characteristics,e-paper display becomes the most ideal display interface for iot applications in smart cities.

  Transportation:As an important link,connecting various resources city intelligent transportation is an important part of urban digital upgrade transformation construction,electronic paper display of ultra-low power consumption,energy saving save electricity and outdoor sunlight visually clear advantages,combined with the public transport system,is applied to the bus stop,parking meter and electronic billboards,etc.,can provide real-time bus lines,arrival time and convenient service information,Greatly improve the citizens’green and smart travel experience.

  Retail:in view of the new retail development in full swing in recent years,electronic shelf label using electronic paper display,collocation of wireless transmission technology,to achieve a more diverse and eye-catching display promotions,used in low temperature,rare scenarios such as electronic shelf label can more flexibly to meet the demand of new retail stores a variety of USES.

  Medical:electronic paper display is an important communication medium in different medical links,such as electronic paper door plate,electronic paper bedside card,medical information board,pharmacy electronic price tag,etc.These smart medical devices using electronic paper displays can help medical staff improve work efficiency,achieve intelligent paperless management,and enable patients and caregivers to keep abreast of care information.

  Education:Digital learning will continue to deeply integrate information technology and subject teaching,and the interactive interface used for man-machine communication–display is particularly important.E-paper has the characteristics of paper-like feeling and no light.The terminal learning tool equipped with e-paper display can provide comfortable reading experience,solve the pain point of traditional long-term digital learning,and protect children’s eye health.

  Logistics:in recent years,e-commerce and logistics,express industry for the increasing green”carbon reduction”,do a lot of efforts to reduce carbon emissions,the replacement of traditional paper to electronic paper display for displaying interface application as the core,as a green technology innovation technology,with the value of reuse and recycling,help to accelerate to achieve the goal of green logistics recycling.

  As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,actively play the advantages of electronic paper bistable and reflective technology,and provide more intelligent,paperless green terminal applications to support the ecological development of the Internet of things.Jointly build a green,low-carbon,sustainable,intelligent and digital urban environment.

E-paper traffic station sign-to help the low-carbon transformation of global urban transportation
E-paper helps the logistics industry move towards new development


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