A number of “new technologies” have been unveiled to help create a new viewing experience for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games finally opened on July 23, a year after a difficult start due to the pandemic. As a much-attention sporting event, the Olympic is not only a dream arena for athletes, but also a huge showcase for new technologies, some of which have dramatically improved our viewing experience.

“New technology”unveiled at the Olympic Games to enhance the visual experience of spectators

With the booming development of information technology,many cutting-edge technologies have been put on the Olympic stage one by one,which not only enables spectators to have a better experience of watching the Olympic Games,but also enables the charm of the Olympic Games to be better conveyed to every corner of the world.

Technology helps Olympic electronic paper display applications worth expectation

With the help of science and technology, people have a better experience of watching the Olympic Games, electronic paper can also play its own advantages and characteristics, and is expected to appear in the Olympic Games in the near future, bringing more visual experience highlights to the audience.

Now the biggest problem of the traditional LCD scoreboard in the competition is that the contrast is low, the shadow problem is serious, flank sitting audience watch the screen appear fuzzy, virtual shadow, which affect their the visual experience and mood. In case of power failure, the data will not be displayed, which will affect the normal operation of the subsequent games.

Compared with the traditional LCD scoreboard, the electronic paper scoreboard has no visual dead corners and can be seen in any direction. The contrast of the electronic paper scoreboard is close to the printed paper, so it is soft and comfortable. Electronic paper bistable technology, even if the power went off, the data on the display will continue to display. Electronic paper is applied to large electronic board, it only consumes power when refresh, in the long run, compared with the same size LCD display board, E-paper Board has very excellent power saving performance.

In addition, the electronic paper scoreboard can be made into flexible display according to different request, and can be bent at will, which can be applied in more scenarios to meet more market requirements in the future.

Innovation will not stop, in the future more “new faces” of science and technology will appear in major events and events. It is believed that electronic paper display will receive wide attention and application due to its irreplaceable advantages of traditional Liquid Crystal display.

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