New Applicaiton E-Paper display

Electronic Paper Display (EPD) is the best choice for promotional displays in retail, outdoor and industrial, and advertising.

EPD has ultra-low power consumption, 180-degree wide viewing angle, black and white, tri-color, quad-color, and C-7 color options, and paper-like readability under various lighting conditions.

Advantages over traditional LCD products

– Paper-like display, the display effect is not affected by the environment.

– Ultra-low power consumption, the battery can last up to 5 years.

– Wide viewing angle, no viewing angle limitation, clearly visible in the sunlight –

– 25 degrees can still work normally, suitable for the environment of the freezer;

– up to 7-color display.

Visible in sunlight
Paper-like texture
Ultra low power
Ultra Wide-View
Eye Protection
Flexible bendable
  • Dot matrix e-paper ink screen.
    0.97-13.3 inches high-resolution display, which can display any image and information, the product has a wide range of applications.
  • Segment code e-paper ink screen.
    Can only display preset segment image content, easy to manufacture and cheap, the product can be customized appearance specifications, allowing retailers to achieve a more creative display.
  • Three-color・four-color・seven-color e-paper ink screen.
    7 color displays are available for a richer promotional message board effect.

Smart Home e-paper display products

Electronic photo frames, electronic calendars, thermostats, home appliance screens, etc.

Retail e-paper display products

Bus station e-paper display products

Large-size electronic paper is widely used in outdoor applications, such as bus stop signs, gas station signs, scoreboards, etc.

Office e-paper display products

Nameplate, Meeting Room Infomation

Smart Card e-paper display products

Digital bank card, segment display etc.

Decoration design e-paper display products

Colorful wall decoration, billboard customization

If you have any project cases about the e-paper display, welcome to consult with us.