Arbor Day | Explore paperless application in the new world

On March 12,we ushered in the 43rd Chinese Arbor Day.Afforestation is an important way to improve the environment,But China is a big user of paper,and all industries are consuming a lot of paper,excessive paper leads to a large number of trees are cut down.

Rather than planting a tree,it is more important to save resources at the root of daily life,so“paperless”is becoming increasingly important.The implementation of“paperless”will greatly reduce the waste of paper,reduce tree felling from the source,improve the quality of the ecological environment.

Paperless,one is to remove paper,the other is to replace paper.The core technology and product of DKE,e-paper,is to make the ideal of paperless life into reality through the application of e-paper products to replace traditional paper in various fields.In recent years,China has vigorously advocated“energy conservation and environmental protection”and promoted the concept of environmental protection and low carbon,which is the inevitable result of digitization and intelligence in the era of Internet of Things.

The paperless office

Traditional office scenes will produce a large number of paper documents,and the commonly used table cards and work cards in enterprises must be reprinted every time when they are changed,which is not only environmentally friendly,but also time-consuming.Enterprise paperless office applications such as e-paper smart table cards,e-paper identification cards,e-paper office notebooks,all use electronic ink screen technology,which is almost the same as paper visually,with very low power consumption,and almost no power consumption when the screen does not change the content,which can replace the traditional paper recycling.

The new retail

The retail industry frequently changes the paper price tag during promotion,which wastes a lot of paper and also causes human operation errors.ESL provide retail industry with a solution that can be improved.Automatic price change management,reduce labor cost,paperless operation,save material cost,improve interaction,and improve customer experience.

The urban traffic

The application of e-paper in urban transportation fully reflects the development concept of low-carbon environmental protection and green energy saving,such as e-paper bus stop signs,smart meters,oil price signs,with low power consumption,no replacement of the picture no power consumption,and independent operation without connection to the municipal electricity.

The smart medical

With the construction of“Internet medical treatment+smart hospital”promoted,e-paper is gradually replacing the use of traditional paper.Such as electronic paper notebooks,bedside cards,outpatient information cards,greatly reduce the waste of paper and the burden of hospital manpower and reduce the error rate.The reflective and ultra-low consumption features of e-paper allow patients to rest without the interference of light pollution from conventional electronic screens,and also improve the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

The wisdom logistics

The prosperity of the logistics industry has increased the consumption of paper express orders.China’s express industry consumes more than 9 million tons of paper waste every year,which has a great impact on the environment.The e-paper logistics label is an ideal choice for realizing the development of green logistics by adding a tracking device using electronic paper display screen into the package to accurately grasp the logistics information.At the same time,due to its bistable characteristics,it can continuously display the logistics information without consuming power.The power consumption is extremely low,and the power can be used for several weeks when the power is full.

DKE has been focusing on the diversified application and innovation of new electronic paper display technology in the field of Internet of Things.In the future,we will continue to develop and develop new e-paper technology and new products,to provide paperless green energy saving and environmental protection solutions for all walks of life and fields,and to protect the environment and save resources in more intelligent ways,so as to make contributions to the construction of a better environment.

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