By 2025,the market share of green and low-carbon products will increase significantly E-paper display technology will provide strong support

  Recently,the National Development and Reform Commission,the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,the Ministry of Commerce and other departments jointly released the Implementation Plan for promoting green consumption.According to the plan,the whole consumption cycle,the whole chain and the whole system should be deeply integrated into the green concept.By 2025,the market share of green and low-carbon products will increase significantly.By 2030,green and low-carbon products will become the mainstream of the market.

Green,low-carbon,environmental awareness quietly heating up

  The”plan”points out that to promote the green transformation of clothing,food,housing,transportation,consumption,tourism and other consumption scenes,give overall consideration to the smooth connection between consumption and production,circulation,recycling and reuse,strengthen science and technology,services,policies and other all-round support,achieve systematic conservation and reduction of loss,energy saving and carbon reduction.

  It can be seen that in addition to the promotion of green,low-carbon and environmental protection concepts,green transformation is still a”technical job”.It is clear in the Plan that we will promote green innovation,actively develop and introduce advanced and applicable green and low-carbon technologies,vigorously promote green design and green manufacturing,and produce more new products and equipment that meet green and low-carbon requirements,are environmentally friendly and have broad application prospects,so as to boost the supply of green and low-carbon products.

E-paper display technology provides strong support

  In recent years,the e-paper industry has been developing rapidly.Based on the two principles of bistable and reflective display technology,the electronic paper display technology has the display effect of paper,the content is clear and easy to read,the continuous display does not consume power,and the display mode does not need backlight.It can also be reused,green and environmentally friendly.As the display technology with the highest energy saving level at present,it is widely used in the diversified consumption field scenarios.

  Shopping shopping

  Shopping talent often see large supermarket,fresh convenience stores,department stores,the consumer brand shop,3 c store shelves beside the commodity consumption,such as scene,there is a small electronic screen,show the commodity name,origin,price information,such as forms,such as words,pictures and qr code,the original paper marks disappear,The electronic screen is the electronic price tag using the electronic paper display technology to realize the intelligent shopping mall at the same time,cycle price change,energy saving,green environmental protection.


  The green consumption scene is also reflected in the aspect of transportation.Public transportation and subway are the most common means of transportation,with controllable time and low travel cost.Based on the technology of electronic paper display billboards and shake handshandle billboard using electronic paper display,to discard the traditional paper to write the contents of advertisements shake handshandle,once installed,repeated use,permanent display,fast change vision,to handle advertising more flexible,more precise and more instant,and to achieve the real paperless deployment,energy conservation,environmental protection,In Our country shijiazhuang subway,Nanchang subway and so on have been online.

  Home decoration

  More and more consumers in the choice of household items,focus on energy-saving styles,although on the surface,energy-saving products are more expensive,but in the long run,not only save money,but also contribute to environmental protection.For example,calendars with e-paper displays,hygrometers and household medical equipment have all created a more intelligent,convenient,energy-saving,comfortable and green and healthy living environment for us.

  Electronic products

  The dual-screen mobile phone in the market uses electronic paper display to be applied on the mobile phone as the second screen or secondary screen,which can be used to read fragments and display instant messages anytime and anywhere.The features of less blue light,better eye protection and low power consumption can also improve the battery life of the mobile phone.In addition to the news display function,the e-paper display can also allow consumers to transfer their favorite patterns or styles to the second screen,showing their personal style anytime and anywhere.

  The concept of green,low-carbon and environmental protection has been fully integrated into production and life,and vigorously advocating a simple,moderate,green,low-carbon,civilized and healthy way of life and production has become the mainstream.As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,and make new contributions to comprehensively promoting the green transformation and upgrading of consumer economy.

The international energy and power prices have increased dramatically. E-paper has helped the green and low-carbon development in the field
E-paper display – help enterprises to drive high-quality development with the concept of dual control of energy consumption


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