Contribute to smart city construction–e-paper improves passenger travel experience

  As an important part of urban transportation system,airport is expanding in scale and the number of passengers it needs to carry is increasing rapidly.With the rapid development of business,in order to meet passengers’higher and higher travel expectations,airport infrastructure and security resources need to be integrated with business through new technologies and equipment to improve operation efficiency and service quality,solve the pain points existing in passengers’current airport service journey,and achieve experience upgrading.

  Electronic paper display helps airports to embrace digital,intelligent picture is unfolding in front of us.When display new technology meets airport,what kind of spark will be generated?What is the experience of this piece of paper at the airport?As airlines vigorously promote the construction of smart airports and the application of new technologies,e-paper displays to help airport”wisdom”map the future is turning dreams into reality,changing our flight habits and experience.

Easier baggage check

  Nowadays,self-service baggage checking is not uncommon.Although self-service check-in eliminates human services and leads to shorter queues,there is still the risk of lost luggage being mishandled in the process.In order to improve the passenger experience,electronic paper luggage tags are increasingly valued.At present,China southern Airlines,Eastern airlines launched this service.

  E-paper luggage tags combine Bluetooth,RFID and bar code recognition technology and are displayed on an e-paper display,which can be fixed to the luggage for long-term reuse.The characteristic of electronic paper is often displayed when power is off,so that the luggage tag can continuously display the existing information in the state of no power,low power consumption,waterproof and fall resistant,accurate real-time tracking and positioning of luggage,avoid loss,reduce the anxiety of passengers on checked luggage.

Easier boarding process

  At present,there are many links that need to queue in the airport formalities.During the queuing process,passengers usually cannot sit down and have a rest,it is difficult to focus on a certain activity,and they often worry about whether they can get to the gate on time.

  With the help of the real-time interactive system,passengers can update the flight information displayed on the luggage tags on the APP to speed up the check-in procedures.The convenient application of the electronic paper display to intelligent travel helps improve the travel efficiency of passengers and also helps the airport to improve the operation efficiency.

More comfortable waiting service

  Traditional airline lounges use paper advertising deckard.When the deckard content needs to be updated or dirty or damaged,it needs to be re-printed and produced,which wastes resources and paper and is not environmentally friendly.

  China’s Shenzhen Airlines VIP lounge adopts electronic paper table,electronic paper display paper,no blue light reflection characteristics,better integration with the atmosphere,for Shenzhen Airlines VIP customers to bring a more comfortable,comfortable,high-end waiting experience.Content can be updated only through wireless transmission technology,which not only improves efficiency,but also contributes to the realization of China’s dual carbon strategy.

More flexible passenger flow relief

  For travelers,finding their way quickly and in the right direction in a strange and large airport is a challenge,aided only by airport guidance signs and information boards and a scattering of human information counters.In addition to providing real-time flight information and service information,e-paper information signs guide all passenger flows directly through the airport to disperse flexibly and quickly,helping to deal with traffic congestion and safety problems,and reducing queuing time.

  The green electronic paper information board is applied in the airport terminal.Under direct sunlight,the high-contrast picture is still clearly visible,making it the most suitable screen for intelligent signage in the airport with complex ambient light.Its bistable feature helps to save power,but also enables the system to be set up without additional power routes,thus reducing the overall construction cost and time,as well as the inconvenience caused by construction to airport operation.

  Driven by new technologies and service design,the airport experience will become more efficient,convenient and humane.Airports are no longer just the beginning or the end of a journey,but become an intelligent journey for passengers to enjoy with their smooth travel experience and considerate customer service.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies to help upgrade airport intelligent experience.

E-paper-to facilitate the development and innovation of smart logistics equipment
The international energy and power prices have increased dramatically. E-paper has helped the green and low-carbon development in the field


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