Digital RMB “visual card” – all the information you need is in this display!

“Forget to take the phone with you in mobile payments era? No more a problem!” In this era of mobile payments, going out without your phone is equivalent to no longer living in this era… But so what?

Digital RMB visual card

Even if the mobile payment function is complete, there will be a series of problems, such as network failure, unsuccessful payment, repeated payment and difficult refund, which make people don’t know what to do. With the orderly develop of the digital RMB pilot test in China, the digital RMB wallet is gradually integrated into our life, which solves a series of troubles that we cannot complete the payment when we go out without our mobile phone or with no signal.

Digital RMB does not base on bank accounts or payment accounts, as long as installing the digital wallet, the user can have the basic function like exchange in/out, save, withdraw, consumption, and transfer. Meanwhile the latest digital RMB double offline technique supports paying without signal!

Also, Digital RMB Wallet added a new function called “Visual Card”, appearance the same as ordinary bank cards, payment process is similar to ordinary bank cards operations as well, but in the top right corner of the card has a piece of electronic paper display window, can clear display the payment amount, balance, and consumption place. It’s a card with available offline information, which is easier and more secure to use.

E-paper technology application of visual card

Digital RMB visual card using electronic paper display as the display interface, with the characteristics of electronic paper ultra-low power consumption, only updating the content will consume a tiny amount of power, information on the screen will sustain after cutting off the power, operate stably, and will not affect users’ consumption payment and use.

Combined with NFC unlimited power transmission technology, users can connect the card through the NFC function on the mobile phone, complete the account data synchronization with the mobile phone within a fixed time, and display the latest transaction information and balance.

E-paper display uses plastic substrate instead of the traditional glass substrate, the thickness is similar to the ordinary paper, so as to achieve the digital RMB visual card with ultra-thin, soft, durable characteristics, very portable in daily life, even if encountered moderate bending will not have any damage.

In addition, these unique advantages of electronic paper display can also be embedded in financial IC cards, bus cards, parking fee proof cards, membership cards, etc., to help users achieve the needs of presenting personal information in more scenarios.

Generally speaking, digital RMB visual card payment using electronic paper display technology is more convenient and efficient than QR code payment. It is believed that in the next few years, this new payment method will become the most popular payment method in China.

As a new E-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of IOT, DKE will continue to make efforts in E-paper products and technologies to help realize more innovative applications of digital RMB wallet payment.

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