DKE full color e-paper display N color products launched

  In recent years,e-paper display has been regarded as the most ideal display interface for the Internet of Things and smart city due to its features of ultra-low power consumption,comfortable eye protection and green environmental protection.

  DKE east branch vein as iot domain new e-paper display technology supplier,committed to the electronic paper products research and development and production,in the research and development of electronic paper display color continuously invest,launched a new generation of full-color electronic paper display N color series products,products ideally have up to 60000 of the color space,Mainly used in commercial advertising,public display and other electronic billboards.

  N Color is an e-paper module product of limited color Palette made by E Ink Gallery Palette™using ACeP™technology,which uses seven color e-ink particles,black,white,red,yellow,blue,green and orange,to dynamically combine and mix colors through voltage control to achieve full-color display.Significantly improve the color display contrast,make imaging more three-dimensional,provide more visual impact of dynamic color printing posters texture and effect,and at the same time with electronic paper ultra-low power consumption and outdoor and bright light visibility advantages.

  Due to the unique visual display effect of printed posters on full-color electronic paper,N Color series can be used in commercial advertising,museum digital display,public display and other electronic billboard fields to replace disposable printed posters and reduce the consumption of environmental resources.At the same time,full-color e-paper billboards are not only eye-friendly,but also environment-friendly with the low-carbon and power-saving characteristics of e-paper,which helps promote sustainable smart city development.

  In the future,DKE full-color e-paper N color products will provide 25.3 inches,13.3 inches,7.3 inches,5.65 inches,4.01 inches and other sizes for customers to choose.We will continue to focus on all kinds of electronic paper usage scenarios,promote the rapid development of electronic paper industry,and let electronic paper into every family and every organization.Building an intelligent world where everything is connected.

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