E-paper–a green city with a carbon neutral vision

Under China’s commitment to”strive for the peak of carbon emissions before 2030 and achieve carbon neutrality before 2060″,the green and low-carbon transformation of urban development is not only in construction,electricity,industry,transportation and other aspects,but also requires diversified,environmentally friendly and intelligent paperless applications.

With ultra-low power consumption,visibility under sunlight and continuous display when power is off,e-paper display can replace traditional paper in most scenarios,making it the best display interface for the development of green cities in the vision of carbon neutrality.

Smart Caption Badge

It’s a wearable smart badge that translates and converts speech to text in real time,much like hidden captioning on TV,allowing us to easily and effectively communicate with people who are deaf,hearing-impaired,wearing masks or speaking different languages.

At the same time of the speaker’s expression,the text subtitles converted in real time on the screen”sound”,so as to improve the communication efficiency of hearing and language impairment,enhance mutual understanding and trust,improve communication standards and quality of life.

This”sound”badge screen uses an electronic paper display,with ultra-low power consumption.It does not consume any power when the screen is not changed,and has the feature of continuous display without black screen.As paper display effect is the same,the brighter the environmental light source,the clearer the screen display,no blue light,no dazzling light source,protect eye health.

E-paper display-the best alternative to paper kanban

Traditional paper kanban requires manual replacement of information,which consumes a lot of paper and costs a lot of money.Moreover,it cannot meet the needs of the modern society with rapidly changing information.LCD video display,although eye-catching,has been a difficult problem of power consumption,heat dissipation and outdoor visibility.

E-paper display kanban has the advantages of outdoor viewing,ultra-low power consumption and remote real-time information replacement,making it the best choice for displaying kanban interface.

Carriage advertisement dissemination:carriage advertisement information kanban and carriage hand pull ring adopt electronic paper display,non-self-luminous digital display,presenting paper-like visual feeling,which is the least disturbing advertising kanban screen of passengers.At the same time,different advertisements can be promoted according to the characteristics of passenger groups in different periods of time.

Urban public information Board:electronic paper display technology,ultra-low power consumption,paper-like vision,remote real-time updates,route guidance,bus routes and arrival times,local activities and services and other information.

Mobile vehicle billboards:Electronic paper displays are used as”digital billboards”for advertising and information on vans,trucks and buses.Customers can manage campaigns online,plan layouts,set display times and other conditions,and obtain detailed statistics,visible with ambient light sources,the stronger the sunlight,the more visible the screen.

New retail posters:high contrast,broad perspective,personalized design,with the visual effect of printed posters,push brand information,product promotion and advertising update in the store,both intelligent and environmental protection benefits and deepen the relationship with consumers.

Medical care information board:integrate daily care plan,display important medical information and nursing team information in real time,integrate hospital system,provide interactive communication for patients and medical products advertising,no blue light does not hurt eyes,does not interfere with patients’rest characteristics.

The development of smart city should be both sustainable and green.In the field of display technology,e-paper uses bistable and reflective technology to provide real-time service information with low power consumption,eye protection and green environmental protection,which helps to reduce energy consumption and environmental pollution.

As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Oriental Kemai will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,give full play to the application potential of electronic paper in the era of Internet of Things,and help the sustainable development of urban living environment.

E-paper display-assist green upgrade of recyclable logistics packaging
Experience smart Life e-paper to boost your happiness


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