E-paper—a real paper-like eye protection screen

  At present,the sudden rebound of the epidemic in China is severe.In order to prevent the spread of the epidemic,many cities have pressed the”pause button”for business operation and life,and online office meetings and online classes have become the operation mode of most cities affected by the epidemic.

Home office network class can not ignore the eyesight problem

  The pandemic has increased the amount of time that office workers and students spend studying and working at home,leaving them with computers,mobile phones and other electronic devices for most of the day.Eyes are our visual organs.If we do not pay attention to the way we use our eyes,it is easy to cause damage to our eyes.Electronic products are a big threat to our eye health.

  Studies show that when facing electronic screens,the blinking frequency will be reduced compared with the normal situation.Using electronic products for 2 to 4 hours is prone to eye pain,dry eye,itching,blurred vision,double image,foreign body sensation and other problems.If using electronic products for 6 hours,there may be photophobia,tears,vision loss and other problems.

  Blue light of liquid crystal display used in electronic products is considered to be the most important factor that harms people’s eye health.Our commonly used electronic products are backlit by LED,which contains a large amount of blue light with extremely high energy,which penetrates through the lens and reaches the retina,resulting in the decline of retinal pigment epithelial cells and irreversible damage to vision.

E-paper has been certified by TUV Rhein for first class paper display

  The closer the display and reading experience are to paper,the better the eye comfort and health will be when using electronic products.

  Two years ago,TUV RHEIN-Germany,an international testing and verification organization,began to study the characteristics of comfortable reading.On the basis of the research,it developed a set of evaluation system for the display effect characteristics of paper-like display screen:”PSI paper-like index”,and formulated the paper-like display standard by combining blue light and stroboscopic performance.

  ”Class paper shows”certification,the screen based on the type of paper features and user scenarios experience two big dimensions,design a complete set of 10 big test projects,such as adaptability,constant under different ambient light display contrast,sunlight readable,color temperature constant,the uniformity of anti-interference reflection ability,display,reflectivity,and evaluation of the screen the ghosting,refresh time,the gray-scale situation,Through this professional testing dimension,the terminal equipment to make a high standard all-round requirements,in order to ensure that through the certification of display screen products,really have a class of”paper”display of high quality experience.

Here are two of the tests:

Different ambient light adaptation

Constant contrast

  E Ink Kaleido™Plus,a color e-paper display module,has been awarded a double certificate of”Paper-like Display”by TUV Rhein on 28 October 2021.It is the first display product to pass TUV Lein’s”Paper-like Display Certification”in the world,with excellent performance in all reading comfort related parameters.The paper-like coefficient reaches 86 points,the highest score among similar products evaluated by TUV Lein on the market.Blue light and stroboscopic performance also meet TUV Rhine visual health standards.Compared with LCD and OLED display screens,it has unique advantages to create the most comfortable and eye-protecting electronic paper products for end users.

Office education terminal market increment space is huge

  In addition to the display characteristics like paper,electronic paper also has excellent power saving performance,does not change the picture completely does not consume electricity,even if the power supply is removed,the picture will continue to display,will not disappear,to achieve more low-carbon energy saving,green terminal digital display applications.

  According to RUNTO,the overall global e-paper end-products market is expected to reach$72.3 billion in 2025,with a compound annual growth rate of 59%.Among them,readers,office books,smart books and other products have the most growth potential.Global shipments of e-paper tablets are expected to reach 15 million units in 2022,up more than 15%from 2021,according to RUNTO.

  Intelligent office scenarios:The coverage of intelligent office scenarios around the world has greatly increased.In China,the number of registered enterprises and meeting rooms is increasing every year,with more than 10,000 newly registered enterprises every day,and the stock of small and medium-sized meeting rooms exceeds 25 million.There is a huge replacement space for e-paper in such segmentation fields as notebook,writing whiteboard,table card,door plate and name plate.

  Smart Education scene:Now electronic paper education tablet just need to become parents and teachers and students,at the same time,along with the electronic paper technology mature gradually,a variety of new terminal equipment such as electronic blackboard paper,electronic paper curriculum,electronic paper word CARDS,electronic student id card is expected to enter the school application scenarios,such as power and promoting education informatization development intelligent terminal equipment to support and ensure the safety of adolescent health.

  Auxiliary display scene:electronic paper auxiliary display,programmer,writer,editor and other professions just need products,electronic paper eye protection characteristics can be presented.According to data,more than 3 million programmers will be employed in China in 2021,and the market space for auxiliary displays will exceed 300,000 units at a 10%penetration rate.

  In the future,electronic paper display,as a real paper-like eye protection screen,can meet the changing habits of people and the needs of enterprises to develop themselves under the changing times,and will have stronger vitality and broad market space.

E-paper display – help enterprises to drive high-quality development with the concept of dual control of energy consumption
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