E-paper–an ideal display screen for paperless intelligent education

September 10 Teachers’ Day lifted up our exclusive memories of the student days, playground, classroom, gym, library, crowded canteen; Blackboard, chalk, teaching AIDS, textbooks, heavy schoolbags, these scenes and props that are still vivid in our memory, still shine brightly. Nowadays, as electronic schoolbags, electronic textbooks and other smart education methods are being piloted in many places, the learning scene in our memory has been quietly changed.

Education moves towards”paperless learning”

Since “promoting the modernization of educational content and teaching methods ” was proposed in the Outline of National Medium-and Long-term Education Reform and Development Plan(2010-2020), many provinces and cities in China are carrying out the pilot work of electronic schoolbags, and the education field is gradually entering the era of “paperless learning”.

The use of electronic schoolbag has multiple advantages, such as teaching at any time and assigning homework online, online Q&A, and instant home visit; Students can study online and submit assignments; Parents through the network knows the children’s current grading. In addition, the interactive application of “paperless learning” electronic devices and multimedia content creates a vivid and lifelike teaching environment, enhances students’ learning interesting and enhances teachers’ teaching effect.

Why e-paper is the best display

“Paperless learning” is an optimization of the education model and an inevitable trend of the future education industry. Among them, the need to communicate with teachers, students, parents and other users of the man-machine interface-display screen, playing an important role. Although the LCD screen can also spread knowledge and information, but for the long run, the impact on children’s eyesight cannot be ignored.

E-paper has the excellent characteristics of paper-like feeling,no light,no stroboscopic in static picture,which is a very eye protection and energy saving display product.E-learning equipment equipped with e-paper display screen can provide students and teachers with a comfortable reading experience,and solve the pain point of long-term digital learning that harms eye health.

In recent years, with the addition of handwriting function, e-paper is even more like a tiger with wings added, which can have both comfortable reading and original handwriting function, and integrate with the education platform to improve learning efficiency.

E-paper is widely used in education industry

Smart classroom: equipped with e-paper blackboard and e-paper textbook in the classroom, the e-paper blackboard in front of the classroom can be connected with each student’s e-paper textbook to synchronize teaching information, play video materials and remotely correct homework, etc. Besides raising their hands to ask questions, students can also send questions to the teacher to realize interactive teaching.

E-paper blackboard: E-paper blackboard uses magnetic pen to write directly, reducing the harm of chalk dust to teachers and students during traditional blackboard writing. Compared with LED electronic blackboard, it has great advantages in energy consumption, display contrast, display blue light and other aspects. With the application, courseware can be uploaded to the blackboard for demonstration.

E-paper schoolbag: E-paper schoolbag looks like a book, but it has the capacity of a schoolbag. It saves paper consumption, reduces the weight of the schoolbag, and actually “reduces the burden” for children. E-paper display restores the reading experience of paper books. Children will not have strong light stimulating their eyes when they read and learn for a long time, which can protect their eyesight.

E-paper exercise book: E-paper has the advantages of comfortable reading and smooth writing, also can be used to mark notes and notes at any time when learning to read. As an interface for students to read and write, e-paper can also take into account students’ eyesight health and handwriting habits when implementing the digitalization of textbooks.

Many advantages of e-paper displays have made it the best substitute of traditional paper and textbooks, fully showing the application value in the field of education.

As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of IOT ,DKE will give full play to its R&D advantages and resource accumulation in e-paper products and technologies, and work with partners in the industrial ecosystem to realize the application innovation of e-paper in the field of smart education and help the sustainable development of smart education.

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