E-paper applications make life full of infinite imagination

Today,we can see e-paper products and applications in retail,education,healthcare,office,storage and logistics,and many other fields.In fact,in addition to these well-known application fields,e-paper products also exist in our daily life,bringing infinite excitement and possibilities to our life.

E-paper listing

E-paper listing uses 1.54 inch electronic paper as the display interface,with the characteristics of electronic paper ultra low power consumption,only when the listing screen changes the content will consume a small amount of power,no power consumption in daily use,no need to install batteries,small and light.It is easy to change the pictures and text you need through the mobile APP,and the pictures and text will be permanently preserved without fading.It is very suitable for handbag decoration,key chain,pet id card and so on in daily life.It is fashionable and unique!

E-paper concept keyboard

Each small keyboard on the e-paper keyboard is equivalent to an independent small e-paper display,which not only has excellent energy saving advantages,but also can reorder the keyboard according to our personal needs to facilitate our use habits.Or according to the use of different software,set the keyboard to display different shortcut key hint symbols,at a glance.It’s as simple as having a custom keyboard that suits your typing habits best!

E-paper smart bracelet

The e-paper Smart Wristband uses a flexible e-paper display that bends like a traditional wristband.It has a classical opening design and can be adjusted at will.The smart wristband equipped with electronic paper display can not only change patterns and designs in real time according to different daily clothing matching,but also read the phone’s time,calendar,sports,maps,short messages,news and other information on the wristband screen.It is both fashionable and practical!

E-paper smart sneakers

The e-paper smart sneaker is equipped with a color e-paper display on the side of the shoe.When connected to a smartphone,the pattern and display style on the side of the shoe can be changed as easily as the theme of the mobile phone,and even the animation can be played to meet the personalized needs of different occasions.With bistable display technology that allows for 30 days of battery life and wireless charging,and a bendable waterproof design,the shoe is both smart and attractive.

What are some of the more innovative and unique uses of e-paper in our lives?Please continue to pay attention to DKE,we will bring you more fields and a variety of new applications,new product information!

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