E-paper helps the logistics industry move towards new development

Looking back on 2021, the logistics industry will usher in new changes. The annual business volume of domestic express has exceeded 100 billion for the first time. Many enterprises have been listed one after another, giving birth to new hopes. In addition, as cainiao and other express logistics companies have “increased” technology, the use of unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned vehicles and other advanced logistics equipment for contactless delivery, may bring changes to the industry in the New Year.

Industry restructuring intensifies express delivery to meet the largest unmanned vehicle distribution

In 2021, the annual volume of express delivery in China will exceed 100 billion for the first time. At present, the impact of the epidemic on work and life is still continuing, which also accelerates the pace of intelligent and automatic transformation and upgrading of the logistics industry represented by unmanned delivery vehicles. It is reported that 350 unmanned logistics vehicles have been deployed in 2021, covering more than 200 universities in more than 70 cities across China, and the country’s largest unmanned vehicle delivery cluster has been set up. In September, SF Changzhou Smart Logistics Park was officially started, with an estimated annual output value of 2 billion yuan after completion. It can be seen that as digitalization, intelligence, automation and other technologies and equipment continue to highlight the effectiveness of the transformation and upgrading of the traditional logistics industry, more and more enterprises are increasing their investment in this field.

General Secretary Xi Jinping said at the meeting on COVID-19 prevention and control and economic and social development, “The epidemic is both a challenge and an opportunity for industrial development. Some traditional industries have been hit hard, while emerging industries such as intelligent manufacturing, unmanned delivery and medical and health care show strong growth potential. We should take this as an opportunity to transform and upgrade traditional industries and foster and strengthen emerging industries.”

Transformation and upgrading speed up electronic paper support new industries go further

With the trend of the epidemic, the unmanned delivery service has gradually taken shape, and with the strong support of various policies, the unmanned delivery mode has developed towards spreading various life scenes. At present, the scenarios of unmanned delivery are divided into three categories: 1. Hotel, office building, shopping mall and other scenarios: most of these scenarios are indoor environments with large personnel flow and changeable environment; 2. 2. Community, park and other scenes: the scope is outdoor environment, with large changes in light intensity and higher environmental complexity; 3. All outdoor environments suitable for autonomous driving scenarios.

As there is no distribution in the more applications in the field of logistics, considering the application of terminal distribution link equipment such as: unmanned vehicles and intelligent express ark, mostly used in outdoor, in terms of operational shows there are still some problems, such as outdoor light and complex light environment cannot display content clearly, caused problems for the user. And electronic paper because of its unique technology, reflective environment, the brighter the light screen display picture is clear, if use electronic paper display as an unmanned distribution equipment display, give full play to its excellent outdoor visibility display technology, can effectively solve the intense pain points can’t see the picture for illumination, optimize the user experience, at the same time can improve the flow of information or advertising screen efficiency.

In 2021, the “dual carbon” policy will be implemented, and the logistics industry also begins to focus on new “green” issues beyond the scale and time limit, and continue to take green actions to help achieve “carbon peak and carbon neutrality”. At present, the environment-friendly electronic paper display is applied to the logistics packaging itself as an electronic sheet, which has realized the ultimate goal of recycling and reuse of green logistics packaging and smart labels. Electronic paper has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption superior to other display technologies. When applied to unmanned distribution terminal devices, electronic paper continuously displays no power consumption when the screen does not refresh the content, which greatly reduces the power consumption, reduces the cost of electricity, and achieves 24-hour green electricity consumption, and links enterprises, businesses and consumers to reduce carbon for the society.

In the future, with the further maturity of core technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things, the advantages of unmanned distribution will be further highlighted, which can realize contactless distribution, remote distribution, relief and disaster relief and other aspects of distribution. Once the market opens up, it will further open up the segmented market of logistics industry, and even shape a new industry pattern. The characteristics of electronic paper display, such as ultra-wide viewing Angle, clear visibility under outdoor strong light, ultra-low power consumption and sustainable display of power failure pictures, will help more unmanned distribution schemes to break through the boundary of logistics and go farther and wider.

As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things, DKE Will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technologies, closely connect the advantages of e-paper display with these contactless delivery vehicles and technologies, and help the express logistics industry to move towards high-quality development.

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