E-paper technology to help the Winter Olympics Ice and Snow Events

  In 2022,the eyes of the world will be on Beijing,and the 24th Beijing Winter Olympic Games will be held with great splendor.In addition to the athletes in the stadium can see the heroic posture,but also found a lot of”black technology”stunning presented in front of the world.

E-paper badg es have been unveiled to help the Winter Olympics

  Volunteers at the Athletes’village during the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics wear digital name tags featuring”black technology”.Different from traditional printed name tags,this is an intelligent name tag made of electronic paper display.Using a 3.7-inch electronic paper display,it can clearly display black,white and red colors.Through exclusive APP and artificial intelligence algorithm,it supports”mass and rapid refresh”of text and text content,so that information can be updated in a timely and efficient manner.

  In order to achieve rapid matching between users and the name tag,NFC touch method can be used to gently touch the name tag with the mobile phone to complete the transmission of editing content.Finally,volunteers only need 10 seconds to complete matching and retrieving the card,which can also be recycled and reused.At the same time,the”passive”design is adopted,and the mobile phone NFC function is used to communicate and get power,which truly realizes the green and low-carbon concept and makes the ice and snow games more intelligent and exciting!

The name tag paired with an e-paper display stands out

  Electronic paper display has no power under the sustainable still show features,as long as the picture in the update information using a small electric drive,the images can be updated when there is no power state display information for a long time,has low power consumption and reusable characteristics,replacing general paper printing badges,reduce disposable paper consumption,is intelligent and green as the best display interface.

  In addition,the paper painting of electronic paper display can achieve extremely low frequency flash,the greatest degree of care for eye health.It has a higher screen contrast,which can be easily identified from a 180°perspective under complex ambient light and remote circumstances.As an intelligent name tag and identity card,the display is the first choice for grand events in the industry.

  The 2021 Zhongguancun Forum uses e-paper digital tag products with smart technology and green and low-carbon coexistence to provide key identity authentication for guests and media.

  For the first time,the 2020 China Cup World Figure Skating Grand Prix has adopted digital name tags on electronic paper,providing digital information services such as event arrangement,event results and daily shuttle bus arrangement for competitors.

  The application of electronic paper display in digital name tags is only the tip of the iceberg.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Oriental Kemai will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies.Under the general trend of carbon neutrality,it will continue to help the development of paperless and green.Let people feel low carbon life at the same time also feel the charm of innovation to show the technology”replacement”type.

E-paper helps the logistics industry move towards new development
E-paper-to facilitate the development and innovation of smart logistics equipment


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