“E”insight electronic paper display breakthrough application ecological development leading the”new”upgrade

From 2020,benefiting from the development of”home economy”stimulated by the epidemic,the VR industry has witnessed explosive growth.In 2022,China’s VR shipments exceeded the 1 million mark for the first time and nearly 10 million worldwide.At present,VR’s upstream and downstream basic hardware performance is basically complete,the ecology is increasingly rich,and the industry has been ripe for outbreak.

In this issue,”E”starts the insight column.Xiaobian will lead you to focus on the major changes and development of VR industry in recent years,and explore how e-paper displays can break through the application ecosystem and provide enabling value in different new turning points of new industries.

Insight into the VR industry into a period of rapid development

Three major changes in the industry

There are three major changes in the development of VR industry:

Management personnel update online,to achieve the effectiveness of information,to ensure the accuracy of information,so that the on-site staff the first time to grasp the situation.

Second,VR hardware is gradually solving the three technical problems of vertigo,transmission delay and low screen resolution,and is becoming more mature and perfect.

3.VR technology is gradually accelerating the evolution of the industrial metauniverse.The integration of cutting-edge technologies such as VR,5G,artificial intelligence and digitalization has created a new space for VR application and opened up a new track for consumption and industry.

Policies continue to increase and accelerate penetration

With governments at all levels paying more attention to VR,metaverse and other industries,the VR industry as a whole will reach a new level in 2022.

At the end of 2022,China’s five departments,including the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,jointly issued the Action Plan for the Integrated Development of Virtual Reality and industrial Application(2022-2026).Favorable policies have deepened the development of the VR industry,attracting more enterprises,capital,users and other industrial roles,and jointly building a virtuous circle of industrial development.

The monitor determines the core parameters

Unlike the screens of traditional electronic devices such as mobile phones,the choice of display determines VR’s three core metrics,PPD,FOV and Persistence,due to the VR screen’s proximity to the eyes.

FOV(Field Of View):represents the visual range of VR visual field.The value will directly affect the immersion;

Pixel Per Degree(PPD):represents the sharpness of VR field of view.The higher the value,the finer the details can be displayed.

Persistence:stands for vertigo generated by VR visual field.VR devices can reduce screen afterglow by increasing high refresh rate.

E-ink screens for VR?

We’ve seen and heard of e-paper displays in readers,phones,computers and other electronic devices,but did you ever think VR would one day use e-ink screens?

The Sol Reader,a VR headset that debuted at CES 2023,features two e-ink screens that allow users to read e-books and other documents in comfort and immersion,without the need for a handheld device.

Thanks to the long battery life of the e-ink screen,the VR headset weighs just 113 grams and can last for 30 hours on a single charge.Users adjust the lens to fit their eyes with the slider and anticipate the diopter setting.The device’s leg supports folding,allowing it to easily fit into the case.

The VR head display with e-ink screen shows us that e-paper displays continue to break through the traditional display technology of the industry,making the”vision”more amazing and healthy.

DKE:E-paper breaks through the application ecology

1.Intelligent eye protection technology enhances sensory experience

Electronic paper display reflex display technology,restoring paper-like images,180°ultra-wide Angle of view,no fear of direct light,no stroboscopic,no blue light,good at picture quality,more smart for health and eye protection.

2.Low-carbon”black technology”helps”carbon neutrality”

Compared with the LCD of the same size,electronic paper display energy consumption is very low,and can support the solar power supply,sustainable display after power failure,effectively improve the ecological environment.

Three:Full color electronic paper makes”Vision”more amazing

Combined with the current dual-carbon strategic background and the technological upgrade breakthrough of color electronic paper display technology,it can display complex full-color colors and images,quickly attract users’attention,and display more comprehensive,more vivid and more extensive information.

The background of the integration of VR+electronic paper display technology explains to us that the rise of an industry or the creation of a popular product has the possibility of greatly improving the operation efficiency and experience of various industries through exploring display technology,thus generating economic and social benefits.

Electronic paper display technology is currently playing an important role in the development of smart cities,Internet of Things and digital economy,and will surely extend the industrial boundary with increasing application scenarios in the future.

As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of the Internet of Things,DKE is always committed to letting electronic paper enter every family and every organization,and building an intelligent world where everything is connected.

In the future,with the continuous improvement of the innovation industrial chain and the accumulation of rich data,we will realize the full combination of electronic paper display products and technology with the industry,thus showing a strong”flywheel effect”,helping the rapid change of the industry,and enabling the emergence of more business models and business values.

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