Huawei Apple plus e-paper technology E-paper application expansion is worth expecting

Under the background of green and low-carbon, the energy saving, environmental protection, eye protection and health characteristics of electronic paper gradually attract the attention of large brand enterprises. Since 2022, it has become an “Internet celebrity” in the display field.

Huawei and Apple are embracing e-paper display technology

In May,Taiwan Economic Daily reported that Apple will develop a new iPhone,adding two electronic paper screens on the back of the iPhone,with the original front home screen,forming a multi-screen iPhone.

In May,Taiwan Economic Daily reported that Apple will develop a new iPhone,adding two electronic paper screens on the back of the iPhone,with the original front home screen,forming a multi-screen iPhone.

Huawei also unveiled its first blockbuster e-paper product,MatePad Paper,at the march event,featuring a 10.3-inch e-paper display,marking huawei’s entry into the e-paper flat panel sector.

Why are tech giants embracing e-paper

Electronic paper is a reflective display,no backlight,using ambient light to display content,with the most natural”paper like”look and feel,at the same time with ultra-low power consumption,power still display,ultra-thin,flexible characteristics.This unique display principle and characteristics make e-paper display in mobile phone or tablet computer and other electronic technology has a high advantage and potential value.

Compared with the common LCD or OLED display,electronic paper display basically does not have the problem of LCD screen flicker and blue light damage,reading for a long time will not produce similar LCD screen visual fatigue and cause eye diseases.In addition,electronic paper does not consume power in static screen display,which is in line with the long-term battery life requirements of many mobile terminals.

In fact,electronic paper is not a new technology,as early as 1975 xerox has put forward the concept of electronic paper,has a long history of more than 50 years.

Huawei and Apple,as technological giants that pay attention to innovation among electronic brands,have chosen to apply e-paper display technology,which has played a significant role in promoting the development of e-paper in the application market.

E-paper iot applications continue to expand

At present,there are many terminal applications of e-paper displays in the Internet of Things market,especially large-size e-paper and color e-paper,which break through the size boundary and color limitation,and are providing support for the development of green and sustainable smart city.

Different from the small size electronic paper products in the past,the large size electronic paper and color electronic paper can make the application field have more innovation space and provide more diversified end products.

Large size application expansion

Color application expansion

Large-size electronic paper and color electronic paper not only broaden the application of the Internet of things,but also have the inherent low carbon property,which makes the application products produce remarkable results in energy conservation and emission reduction.For example:electronic paper display+solar energy intelligent transportation electronic station board,realizing the information of tram free station.Compared with the 200,000 tons of CO2 emission of the LCD electronic bus station board in 5 years,the e-paper bus station board achieved CO2 emission close to 0.

Looking into the future,e-paper display is the display interface with the highest energy saving level under the global”double carbon”goal,which deeply conforms to the design concept of environmental friendliness and sustainable energy of various terminal products.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies to help improve and innovate experience in more subdivided application scenarios.

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