Learning Without Paper-E-paper displays play an important role in the new form of paperless learning

As early as 1995,Bill Gates declared to the world in the Road to the Future:”Paper publishing will disappear in 20 years,paperless school bags,paperless office,paperless reading and so on will gradually come true.”

Although his prediction is not fully realized today,with the development of technology and the popularization of new intelligent terminal tools,paperless learning has become a reality.

The state of paperless learning

Saying goodbye to the post-epidemic era,paperless learning with intelligent terminal electronic devices as auxiliary media is quietly entering the campus and gradually occupying a dominant position due to its characteristics of high efficiency,high integration,more scientific and more environmental protection.

According to the survey data of Shaanxi Normal University covering four undergraduate grades and multiple majors,59.36%of students prefer paper-based learning,while 40.64%prefer paperless learning.

Among them,the number of students who choose”never use”paperless media for learning is 0,the number of students who choose”occasionally use”accounts for 53.85%,and the number of students who choose”often use”accounts for 46.15%.

Learn no”paper”environment advantage inventory

More efficient and convenient than a lot of paper

There are a lot of materials for each subject,and the printed materials are cluttered and inconvenient to access.”Paperless”learning highly integrates all information on terminal electronic devices,bids farewell to the heavy burden of carrying traditional materials,improves efficiency,and optimizes learning methods.

Select according to actual needs-more intelligent and accurate

Paperless learning can not only reduce the burden on the shoulders and the space on the desktop,but also accurately target the information you need in the information age,making the information increment and transmission speed reach an unprecedented degree,and the acquisition of knowledge more scientific and convenient.

Avoid textbook consumption-more green

Statistics from the National Press and Publication Administration show that the annual consumption of primary and secondary school textbooks alone is 2.93 billion copies.If textbooks are used continuously for five years,5.28 million tons of paper and 3 million mu of wood can be saved.The popularity of paperless learning is a leap-forward development for a low-carbon society.

No entertainment in the whole process–more focused and independent

Paperless learning electronic equipment under the information environment cannot use entertainment applications in the system and hardware design,and there is no interference from video and audio media or game information,which can greatly improve the ability of independent learning and provide the possibility and objective reality for immersive learning.

In order to fit this wave and wind direction,it is necessary to build a smart environment suitable for paperless learning,and constantly derive new forms.E-learning equipment equipped with”customized”intelligent solutions is in an important position.

Focus on product technology to strengthen the foundation

Learning is inseparable from various carrier media.In the past,the use of paper media in the learning process is a major invention to promote human progress.Now,the electronic paper display,which integrates various kinds of paper sense,no backlight,no stroboscopic static picture and other eye-protection display technologies,has become the ideal medium for a new paperless learning carrier.

Taking DKE multi-size electronic paper products as an example,it takes comfortable eye protection and ultra-low power consumption display technology as the first step to lay a solid foundation for paperless learning and help the appearance of a new intelligent learning terminal become wonderful.Not only is it more convenient to complete basic learning operations,but also can reduce the fatigue caused by long-term learning,realize effective eye protection,and optimize the experience of paperless learning on the display level.

Work with partners to empower renewal

Intelligent learning terminal equipment in addition to display product technology,the solution system is also the”soul”,also indispensable,in order to present a new form of paperless fit with The Times.

In recent years,as a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of the Internet of Things,DKE Oriental Technology aims at the current paperless learning and education renewal development,and provides ideal e-paper solutions together with e-paper upstream and downstream partners,enabling the whole scene of paperless learning and presenting a new look.

At the Electronic Components Fair in Munich 2022,we set up the theme exhibition area of intelligent education and learning,which enables visitors to experience the various applications of DKE electronic paper combined with”green eye protection”solutions in a more intuitive and comprehensive way.

With the popularization of the Internet of Things,big data and digitalization,all fields are undergoing profound and comprehensive changes.In the future,from smart classroom to smart teaching aid,DKE will continue to give full play to its research and development advantages and resource accumulation,committed to providing better e-paper products and technologies for the paperless field,and create the application value of e-paper.

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