Prism electronic paper displays lead the technological revolution in dynamic aesthetics of display surfaces

Recently,the international top automobile brand BMW used E Ink Prism™3 electronic paper display technology to create a new concept car-i Vision DEE which can change the body surface of the multi-color,bringing visual surprise to the public,leading the dynamic aesthetic technology revolution.

Electronic paper display surface dynamic aesthetic new definition

Last year at CES2022,BMW introduced a iX Flow concept car that can change color in black and white,and this year’s concept car,the i Vision Dee,comes in 32 different colors and even the wheels change color.

Although i Vision Dee is still only a concept car,many people are curious about how to achieve the switch of 32 colors of BMW body.In fact,this is all achieved by electronic paper display technology.

The 2022 iX Flow concept wraps its body around a custom-made,laser-cut e-ink screen that changes color with one click.The 32-color change displayed by BMW i Vision Dee is still based on electronic paper display technology,and follows the pace of consumer electronics to achieve a new breakthrough in colored electronic paper.

Prism Color-changing electronic Paper creates endless possibilities

At the 18th International Internet of Things Expo 2022(IOTE2022),our Prism series of electronic paper displays have provided guests and audience with a practical understanding of this dynamic design display material.

DKE Prism series electronic paper displays offer seven colors.Using E Ink Prism electronic ink technology,it can be made into either dot-matrix display module or segmental code display.It can make color gradient or flash between two colors,and can be freely cut into any shape,suitable for automotive,construction,home,exhibition,retail,education and other fields.

Prism series can control the dynamic change of color or pattern of the display surface of objects according to the use situation and program Settings,and has certain functions.For example,the color change of the door can show whether there are people in the room,and the color change of the wall can reflect the temperature,decibel number and other environmental parameters,which can meet the practicability and show endless creativity and possibility.

Like regular e-paper displays,Prism e-paper displays are bistable,wide viewing Angle,and low power consumption,which differs from traditional LCD screens that use a backlight to illuminate the content displayed on the screen.

In addition,Prism electronic paper display is reflective and does not self-light,and the display effect is similar to the appearance of printed paper.It integrates with the environment when realizing the dynamic changes of object surface,bringing a more natural and comfortable visual experience.Outdoor applications will not be the same as LCD screens,outdoor sunlight exposure to display difficulties.

Because no backlight is required,Prism e-paper displays are thinner and more suitable for flexible display materials attached to surfaces.And its own passive constant display,do not need continuous light source characteristics greatly reduce the use of energy consumption,depth in line with the environment-friendly and green low-carbon design concept.

The Prism series of color-changing electronic paper displays and innovative integration of design concepts fully reflects the plasticity and breakthrough of electronic paper display technology in different fields.As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Dongfang Pulse will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technology,and realize a greater leap in e-paper display technology to color and dynamic display.

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