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What People are Saying

Rt-mart’s”fireworks copywriter”has recently become a hit.Since the release of Shanghai last year,RT-Fat with a group of very insight copy in the hearts of countless just unsealed netizens,it seems to have found the password of the circle,with a variety of copy constantly out of the circle,do not lose fireworks gas,and resonance.

Electronic paper is used to empower marketing scenarios

Next to every popular search of RT-Mart”Firework Literature”,small edition can not only see insight into life,but also see the application of electronic paper display electronic price tag to create an optimized fresh marketing scene,to create a high-quality shopping experience for consumers and create an infinitely better quality of life.

“Barbecue Literature”series

“Country Love”series

“Vegetable Factory Slang”series

“Supermarket Top Stream”series

“Cold Palace Vegetables”series

We can see that the electronic price tag beside the”fireworks literature”displays the price,specifications,origin and other information of fresh products from multiple angles in an all-round way,which helps consumers to improve their satisfaction with the scene-oriented shopping experience of fresh products and win attention.

Retailers view digital intelligent business display and information delivery

Unified management and price adjustment

In supermarkets,convenience stores,3C digital stores,fresh fruit stores,drugstores,tobacco hotels and other retail places,shop assistants can adjust unified commodity information through wireless transmission in the background,fast and accurate.

Save a lot of cost

The operation of cyclic refresh improves the management level of retailers,reduces the operation cost of manpower and time,and the cost and dissipation of label management.

In addition,electronic price tags have the characteristics of electronic paper display static display without power consumption.Take 2.13-inch electronic price tags as an example,only two button batteries can be used for more than 5 years,saving a lot of power consumption and environmental protection.

Automatic inventory change

When the retailer’s own management system is connected with the price tag management system,the inventory changes on the electronic price tag screen can be realized.With the help of the quick positioning function,the operation personnel can pick goods directly with precise positioning.

Technology-oriented consumption and shopping experience from a consumer perspective

Enhance the sense of interactive use

Consumers can scan the QR code on the electronic price tag,enter the online mall to understand the product information and complete the online order,and merchants can also collect data to analyze consumer habits and preferences,so as to make better store upgrade plans.

Improve the shopping experience

The electronic price tag uses the reflective technology of electronic paper,and the 180-degree ultra-wide viewing Angle improves the range of visibility for consumers,eliminating the discomfort of constantly bending over to read the price tag.

Electronic price tags will not be as easy to fall as paper price tags,so that consumers shopping price confusion.

ESL four-color upgrade DKE E5 series boost retail revitalize”color”

When it comes to electronic price tags,consumers traditionally think of them as’black and white’hand-written cardboard or printed paper that fits neatly into the card slot.

In 2021,the hashtag#Supermarket price tags are electronic screens went viral,and many people found that the original paper price tags had been quietly transformed into small”display screens”.

Electronic price tags were born in Europe in the 1980s,and the products themselves have been constantly iterated and updated in the recent decade of vigorous development.The electronic price tags that can be seen on the market mostly apply two kinds of products:black and white two-color electronic paper display,black and white red,black and white yellow three-color electronic paper display and segment code electronic paper display.

This year,a number of well-known new retail solutions in the industry launched a new generation of four-color electronic price tag products,breaking the limitations of electronic price tag display color and display technology all the time,the whole series supports black,white,red,yellow four color combination display,arbitrary collocation,to provide more marketing possibilities for the retail industry.

DKE E5 series e-paper displays and models are the ideal choice for the retail industry’s four-color electronic price tag marketing display interface.E Ink Spectra 3100 e-ink technology reduces the screen refresh rate and increases the temperature range applicable to yellow and red to support a variety of sizes,high quality,high resolution electronic price tag applications.It can not only meet the ultra-low power consumption,achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection,but also have bright visual performance,it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

At present,electronic price tags are mainly applied in large supermarkets,fresh supermarkets,boutique stores,traditional chain supermarkets,unmanned convenience stores,jewelry stores,beauty stores,home and life stores,3C electronic stores and other places.There are also different degrees of penetration application in intelligent office,industrial storage,medical pharmacy,intelligent manufacturing and other fields.The application development of electronic price tag has brought a broader imagination space.

In the era of 5G Internet of Things,it is an inevitable trend for electronic price tags to replace traditional paper labels as information display tools.As a manufacturing service provider of e-paper display technology in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technology,bring more possibilities for the development of electronic price tag market,and create greater benefits and value.

In recent years,the digital intelligent transformation of the medical system is in full swing.Coupled with the introduction and guidance of a number of policies,the medical technology industry also develops rapidly under the premise of a favorable macro environment,showing a positive trend.

Many technologies have penetrated into various subdivided medical scenarios,playing an important role in medical treatment guidance,disease monitoring,health management and other aspects,injecting new impetus into the sustainable innovation and development of modern smart medicine.The medical industry is opening the innovative growth paradigm of”medical+X”.

In this issue,”E”starts the insight column.Xiaobian will lead you to think deeply about the inevitable trend of medical and health development from the concept and development process of smart medicine,and explore how electronic paper display can touch the overall medical system from multiple dimensions,to help the flourishing development and value innovation of the medical technology industry.

From therapy to”wisdom”therapy The concept and development of wisdom medicine

At present,”wisdom”has become an important synonym for scientific and technological progress,social innovation and economic transformation,and is promoting the development of social outlook and people’s life.

In early 2009,IBM put forward the concept of”Smart Earth”,which means to fully apply IT technology to all walks of life,connect them together and form the Internet of Things,and integrate the Internet of things through supercomputers and cloud computing.On this basis,human beings can manage production and activities in a more refined and dynamic way to achieve a state of wisdom.

Since then,intelligent medicine has emerged as an important support for human survival.Based on the Internet of Things,cloud computing and other high-tech technologies,the construction of medical information complete,cross-service,patient-centered medical information management and service system is realized,medical information interconnection,sharing and collaboration,clinical innovation,diagnostic science and other functions.

“Medical+X”mode improves medical efficiency and provides quality services for the three terminal subjects

The development of medical technology in the”medical+X”mode has brought about many new terminal devices and treatment means.The joint efforts from doctors to patients allow patients to participate in disease management,and numerous innovations have been completed in information collection,research,disease treatment and doctor-patient communication.

Based on a number of medical science and technology construction,smart hospital optimizes the medical treatment process,medical process and management system.In addition to being divided into smart medical treatment,smart management and smart service according to different subjects of service,smart hospital can also be more detailed into smart patient,smart clinical,smart nursing,smart logistics,regional connectivity and other modules.

As technology enables these modular systems,automated medical operation provides more efficient and practical auxiliary tools for medical staff,more refined management for hospital managers,and new medical experience for patients.

E-paper multi-dimensional touch”whole area,whole disease,whole process”

At present,with the integration of various factors such as various technologies,applications and services,the penetration rate of medical technology in the overall medical and health market is gradually increasing.With the upgrade of its own products and technology,electronic paper is also combined with the smart medical subdivision scene,covering the medical and health service system”in the whole area,the whole disease,the whole process”,playing an important role in every link.

Follow Xiaobian to see how the electronic paper display touches every link of the medical system from multiple aspects,so as to enhance the service ability,improve the medical efficiency,optimize the patient experience,and extend the service scope~

Wisdom corridor guide screen

Ward door plate

Patient bed card

Nursing information board

Nurse station electronic whiteboard

Medical staff badge

Pharmacy electronic price tags

Hospital consumable transfer management card

DKE:Focus on convergence development trend where e-paper display technology highlights the role

It can be seen that the integrated development of medical and health fields and science and technology is bound to be a very important innovation tool and support guarantee to promote and meet people’s needs for life and health.

In the construction of smart medicine,the innovative application of Internet of Things+e-paper solutions is adopted to meet the inevitable development trends of smart medical interconnection,automated operation,whole process experience improvement and big data-driven decision-making in the future,which is not limited to meeting a certain demand and helping the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligent medical products and services.At the same time,expand the application space of electronic paper display’s core advantage technology.

First,promote the reform of medical service model

The transformation of Chinese medical service mode is closely related to the development of technology.To a certain extent,technology is giving rise to the transformation of medical service mode from centralized to distributed.

In the future ideal smart medical model,the connection between electronic paper display technology and medical care system will expand more scenarios,from large hospitals,community hospitals,family doctors,pharmacies gradually transition to home,to realize the popularization and innovation of digital medical treatment,and effectively help realize the distributed medical model.

Two:the construction of medical management paperless correct

The traditional paper office mode in the medical field needs to consume a lot of manpower and material resources as well as storage costs,and there are management problems such as space consumption,resource consumption,easy to lose and so on.

In this context,electronic paper display combined with unlimited transmission technology can remotely update the data of medical institutions through the hospital system,reduce management costs and storage costs,and ensure the integrity and accuracy of information,so as to provide more professional and accurate medical services and ensure the safety of medical treatment.

3.Take the lead in the construction of green Internet of Things medical ecology

In 2014,the Joint Commission on Accreditation of International Healthcare Organizations(JCI)noted that low carbon is”a factor that must be considered in the future of hospitals.”In the field of environmental technology,electronic paper displays have more green and low-carbon environmental benefits in the medical environment.

The research shows that,taking the 7-inch display as an example,the annual electricity consumption of the LCD screen is about 78.84 degrees,and the annual power consumption of the 7.4-inch electronic paper display is only 0.0042 degrees.Under the same size and time,the annual energy consumption of the LCD screen product is nearly 20,000 times that of the electronic paper product.

With the integration and application of ever-changing new technologies in various products and services,technology has caused disruptive changes in many industries,leading us into the era of”everything can be connected”,and the smart hospital enabled by technology will be different from the hospital we see today.

As a manufacturing service provider of electronic paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things,DKE always committed to letting electronic paper enter every family and every organization,and building an intelligent world where everything is connected.

In the future,with the deepening combination of digital technology and medical care,we will continue to deepen the development of e-paper products and technologies,join hands with upstream and downstream industrial partners to deepen the enabling medical system,complete the connection of scenes and value integration,highlight the role of e-paper display technology,and provide enabling value for the development of smart medicine and people’s health care.

That’s DKE Oriental Pulse”E”insight.See you next time!

From April 19 to 21,CHINASHOP2023,the 23rd China Retail Expo officially opened in Chongqing Expo Center.As an international retail event,CHINASHOP has always exhibited a variety of content.Today,DKE Xiaobian will lead you to”E”to explore the exhibition hall,check out this year’s retail Expo based on electronic paper display technology full of cutting-edge products and wonderful!


Since its establishment in 1999,China Retail Expo has experienced 22 years of development.As one of the most influential and high-level professional events in the global retail industry,CHINASHOP2023 covers an exhibition area of more than 100,000 square meters,covering 6 major themes.Including retail brand,retail intelligent Internet of things,retail intelligent information technology,supply chain and logistics equipment,retail commercial cold chain,retail fresh processing,commercial kitchen,retail store design and visual marketing,retail display props and commercial lighting,retail famous goods and other categories and links of the whole retail industry chain.

During the three-day event,more than 80,000 professional visitors and more than 900 exhibitors from all over the world gathered at the exhibition site to exchange and display,share innovative achievements in an all-round,multi-field and deep level,and discuss the future trend of the globalization of retail technology,products and applications.

Show the wisdom of the scene

2023CHINASHOP site,many digital store solutions and electronic price tag solutions and in-store marketing solutions focused on supermarket,fresh,beauty,3C,catering,footwear,warehousing,office and other formats of digital solutions,to show the industry the wide application of green electronic paper display technology in the retail industry.

In the whole scene interactive digital retail scene to create the”people and goods yard”interactive frontier experience,to show the electronic paper display in the new retail scene of the fresh application and innovative value.Don’t say much,follow Xiaobian have a look~

Shang Chao

Hanshow Science and Technology Exhibition area

ZKONG Smart Control Network exhibition area

TPV PV exhibition area


JOFEE Science and Technology Exhibition Area

Tag-tech Exhibition area

Hanshow Science and Technology Exhibition area


Hanshow Science and Technology Exhibition area

Shoes and clothing

Hanshow Science and Technology Exhibition area

Beauty makeup

Hanshow Science and Technology Exhibition area

TPV PV exhibition area


PHILIPS Exhibition Area(TPV)

Hanshow Science and Technology Exhibition area


ZKONG Smart Control Network exhibition area


YALABI elegant Business Intelligence Exhibition area

Hanshow Science and Technology Exhibition area

The application of intelligent terminal products based on electronic paper display technology in the retail field is a brand new experience and reform of the retail industry,which brings brand new changes to retailers from the aspects of in-store image enhancement,on-site operation efficiency,cost reduction management,user experience and interaction.

E-Paper is the future of retail

In recent years,the rapid development of retail industry,a variety of applications and innovative products are”overwhelming”.As the display carrier of these intelligent terminals,electronic paper display is the ideal choice at present,with ultra-low power consumption,180 degree wide Angle of view,multiple series of colors and the excellent characteristics of paper-like vision under various light conditions,both intelligent and environmental benefits.

Intelligent terminal products such as electronic price tags,electronic paper billboards,electronic paper menu boards,and electronic paper storage labels using electronic paper displays not only improve the identification degree of commodity information,but also increase the possibility of creative practice of advertising marketing,and further attract the attention of customers in the store.In addition,the unique”bistable and reflective”characteristics of electronic paper can not only meet the ultra-low power consumption,achieve the goal of energy conservation and environmental protection,but also have a bright visual performance,it can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

With the continuous upgrading and reform of new retail,the omni-channel mode of”online traffic platform+offline retail assets+Internet”will become the standard configuration of global retailers,penetrating into new retail physical stores,fresh supermarkets,hypermarkets,traditional chain supermarkets,boutique stores,convenience stores,jewelry stores,beauty stores,home life stores,3C electronic stores,etc.Smart retail terminal products and devices based on electronic paper display technology can easily get through online and offline,connect with offline scene database through wireless network,display and adjust brand information in real time and accurately,which is a key component of realizing digital construction of stores and green and low-carbon retail marketing mode,and will become one of the necessary smart terminal tools in the new retail field.

According to RUNTO’s Global ePaper Market Analysis Quarterly Report,260 million e-paper modules were shipped worldwide in 2022,up 23%from the previous year;In terms of overall products,the global shipment of e-paper labels was 240 million pieces,up 25%year on year.In recent years,the application field of electronic price tag is also expanding.From the initial application of electronic price tags in the retail field,it has been penetrated into smart office,smart storage,smart logistics,smart medical treatment,smart manufacturing and other new fields,which has brought broader imagination space for the application and development of electronic price tags.

As a manufacturing service provider of e-paper display technology in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Dongfang has been focusing on the technology and research and development of e-paper display module products for more than ten years.With the rapid development of multiple applications in the global retail industry,the company will continue to carry out in-depth cooperation with the upstream and downstream partners of the global industry,combine its own technological advantages,respond to the low-carbon concept of green,environmental protection and sustainable development,and make every effort to promote the popularization and growth of the application of electronic paper products,improve the multi-user experience,and bring new vitality to the digital process of retail.Working with retailers to make new contributions to the high quality sustainable development of the industry.


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