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How to check the model number

You can check the model number on the back of the product, under the word DEPG, which is usually made up of letters plus numbers.

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Product Customization

You only need to follow our specifications and design a boost circuit to supply VGH and other voltages to the e-paper display.
Then the MCU will do the software design to light up the e-paper screen.
Or you can buy our demo kit products directly.

The products of AIO driver IC are all SPI interfaces. Except for the 7.5-inch 8159 drivers IC, the other dimensions of 24pin are the same.

The maximum SPI speed supported by the screen is 20Mhz.

Black and white room temperature BN series: 3-4s (above 20℃)
Black and white low-temperature BS series: 30- 50s (-25℃)
Black and white red RW series: 18-20s (20-30℃)
Black and white yellow YN series: 25-30s (20-30℃)

Black and white room temperature electronic paper can be brushed at 15℃ or above, and the brushing time is 0.5-1S.
Three-color electronic paper can not be brushed, black and white low-temperature electronic paper can be brushed at room temperature.

There are two RAMs inside the electronic paper driver IC to distinguish black and white images and red images
The data format of the current DKE product is as follows:
Black and white RAM1 Red (yellow) RAM2
Black 0 0
White 1 0
Red (Yellow) X 1

OTP is a function provided by driver IC that can store LUTs. Since electronic paper is easily affected by temperature, we divide it into several temperature intervals and adjust a set of waveforms for each temperature interval.
We can use OTP to store waveforms at different temperatures so that the EPD can present the best condition in its operating temperature range.

It can be optimized, but due to problems such as aging, it cannot be completely the same as the initial state.

The screen is a three-color screen, and the firmware is a black and white screen, so the display is abnormal.

The drive waveform directly affects the power consumption, the waveform determines the refresh time, the frequency of the waveform and the driving method affect the average current and pulse current.

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