Support the construction of smart city — E-paper smart bus shelter

Now adays,many cities in China are actively promoting the development of public transportation in the construction of smart cities,and e-paper smart bus shelter is a crucial part.Bus shelter is no longer just a small station for people to wait for a bus,shade from the sun and rain,it has become a comprehensive intelligent bus waiting public space equipped with a variety of technology applications and convenience service facilities,bringing a new intelligent transportation travel experience for citizens.

E-paper bus board

In the new e-paper smart bus shelter,the e-paper bus board displays dynamic bus route,arrival time,temporary transfer notice,traffic congestion and fault information for passengers,effectively solving the problems caused by passengers’long waiting time,road congestion,frequent vehicle failures and other reasons.At the same time,e-paper bus board supports remote wireless update information,reducing manpower update maintenance costs.

The bus board with the application of electronic paper display has reflective characteristics.Under direct sunlight,the display picture is still clear and eye-catching.The bistable characteristics of electronic paper make it consume power only when changing the picture.Thoroughly solve the intelligent bus stop board access to the mains power to run the application bottleneck.

In addition,in order to facilitate passengers go out at night to read the station information,the e-paper bus board add front light on standard E-paper,compared with the high power consumption of LCD bus stop board,the power consumption of E-paper with front light is very low,which is more suitable for the application of outdoor smart bus stop.

E-paper billboard

The e-paper billboard has its own non-luminous characteristic under direct sunlight,and provides the visual effect like printing paper in the e-paper shelter,showing soft and non-dazzling.Support remote wireless update information,display advertising,city news,weather forecast and other contents,to provide passengers with convenient life service experience and rich visual sensory effects,so that the bus waiting is full of fun!

E-paper displays continuously display images without power supply,and only a small amount of power is consumed when the images are refreshed.Therefore,compared with traditional LCD billboards,e-paper billboards are more energy efficient and environmentally friendly,helping to promote the energy saving,sustainable and green development of cities.

In the future,the construction of smart cities in China will usher in a new period of high-speed development.The efficient and convenient E-paper smart bus shelters are of great significance to ensure the green operation of urban traffic and meet the travel needs of citizens.As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of IOT,DKE will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technologies,and promote more application and development of E-paper in the construction of smart cities.

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