DKE Summer maritime theme event was successfully concluded

On July 24,2021,DKE organized all employees to go to Changxing Island,Dalian,and started an exciting group building activity with the theme of”Passionate Smelting Team condensing and Creating dreams”.

During the activity,the staff actively participated in various interesting games and completed various challenge projects in full cooperation,which tested the teamwork ability and built a more solid foundation of trust.

After the game,the beach barbecue began.Everyone worked with each other to enjoy the delicious food while sharing the feelings and fun of today’s activity,which further heated up the team feeling and felt the warm humanistic atmosphere of the big family of Oriental Kemai.

Team building activities not only bring happiness and satisfaction,but more importantly,enrich the life of employees after intense work,enhance the friendship and tacit understanding between employees,and enhance the centrivity and cohesion between teams.

I believe that in the future work,we will be more closely linked together,with a fuller state toward a higher and farther goal forward!

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