The e-paper display”one-click car-hailing smart screen”facilitates smart travel

In recent years,in order to facilitate citizens’smart travel,reduce the rate of empty taxis and improve passengers’taxi hailing experience,more and more cities have vigorously promoted the construction of taxi waiting spots and actively implemented the”one-click taxi hailing”measure.

The”one-click taxi hailing smart screen”continues to be upgraded

After the completion of the”one-click car-hailing”equipment at the waiting station,the transportation authorities in many regions upgraded the equipment.In addition to keeping the original”one-click car hailing”button,passengers can also open their mobile phone wechat and Alipay,scan the two-dimensional code on the”one-click car hailing smart screen”to enter the small program,which effectively solves the problem that the two sides can not communicate in time in the use of button car hailing.

This functional upgrade highlights the user perception and experience of”more accurate positioning,more optimized service”.

E-paper display technology helps smart travel scene

The site selection of”one-click taxi hailing”waiting spots is mostly in the central areas of densely populated residential areas,shopping malls,office buildings and so on,which has the problem of high difficulty in the coordination of construction space.

The e-paper display is used as the”one-click intelligent screen for car hailing”.Due to the ultra-low power consumption of e-paper,dual-battery power supply+solar charging technology can be used,without the need to lay separate circuits,which solves the problem of difficult external power connection in construction and greatly reduces the construction cost and the cost of power supply and electricity.

In addition,if the outdoor light is too strong,the traditional LCD screen only reflects light,it is difficult to see the call information.However,the electronic paper display is reflective and can be seen by the ambient light source.The more intense the sunlight is,the more clearly the screen can be seen.It also supports a wide perspective display,which greatly improves the experience of traveling users.

In the future,the construction of taxi station will form scale effect.As a manufacturing service provider of new e-paper display technology in the Internet of Things field,DKE will continue to make great efforts in e-paper products and technologies,expand richer interface applications of smart travel scenes,and create a more convenient and green travel environment.

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