Touch Taiwan 2022 opens!E Ink and DKE made a wonderful appearance

Touch Taiwan 2022 was held at Nangang Exhibition Center in Taipei on April 27.As a core technology manufacturer of e-paper manufacturing and an important strategic partner of E Ink,DKE made a wonderful appearance in this exhibition.
Touch Taiwan is the largest and most authoritative display exhibition in Taiwan,as well as one of the most influential display industry chain exhibitions in the world.
In response to the Touch Taiwan 2.0 concept proposed by the exhibition,E Ink took”We Make Surfaces Smart&Green”as the theme,with low-carbon e-paper as the core technology.Join hands with partners of e-paper ecosystem to show the all-round green and smart city life scene created by e-paper,and share innovative development achievements of e-paper industry ecosystem.
As an important strategic partner E Ink is science and technology and the Internet of things new e-paper display technology supplier,the exhibition has a variety of specifications of the three color and four color electronic paper products and technologies,combining with the different usage scenarios,showed the comprehensive electronic paper display infinite application value in the Internet age,the scene attracted numerous industry professional audiences and guests stop to experience.
In the future,DKE will continue to focus on the technology and research and development of e-paper module products,focusing on customer needs,and continue to cooperate deeply with E Ink when the Internet of things applications flourish diversified,combined with its own industry technology advantages,and respond to the national advocacy of green environmental protection,sustainable development of low-carbon concept.We will do our best to jointly promote the popularization and growth of ultra-low consumption electronic paper products and strive for a net-zero carbon emission society.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s policy supports e-paper to bring a more colorful future to the world
By 2025,the global e-paper market will exceed 70 billion US dollars


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