DKE Autumn outdoor group building activity a complete success!

Sunshine just,breeze is not dry,early autumn weather is the best time to travel.In order to enrich the leisure cultural life of employees,improve their happiness at work,enhance team cohesion,and create the enterprise culture and value concept of innovation,execution and exceeding expectations,ON October 24th,DKE Oriental Kemai launched the autumn outdoor group construction activity with the theme of”Challenge the limit and exceed expectations to create brilliance”.

Mr.Zhou Aijun,CEO of DKE,delivered a speech at the opening ceremony of this autumn league building activity.He hoped that through this activity,he could enhance staff cohesion,build a united,aggressive and positive staff team,and make firm goals in work,go forward bravely,and strive for the realization of the common dream!

At 9:00 am on The 24th,the staff gathered at the designated place and arrived at the destination–Nanbei Lake in Haiyan County,Jiaxing city,Zhejiang Province on time.

After arriving at the destination,first open the”warm up+break the ice”activity,in a special form in the new environment to get to know and understand colleagues around,enhance the relationship.In the laughter,we put aside the usual stiff and serious,put down the division of rank,in the interaction to become intimate team partners,to overcome difficulties,meet challenges,beyond the self.

Then,everyone according to the test group,in turn,team collaboration”passion”119 game and””for transfers-will,in this a series of seemingly impossible combination test,not only develop the thinking of staff,improve the innovation consciousness,also let everybody to learn the perspective-taking to improve internal team trust,understand the importance of trust and commitment and strength,Make everyone realize the significance and important role of unified command,enhance team cohesion.

After the”ice-breaking”activity in the morning,we had a pleasant lunch session.After the meal,the staff went hiking and picking.

Work is like a hike.The road is bumpy and unexpected,but no accident is an excuse to give up.Only when we meet difficulties with firm confidence and stick together in times of trouble can we be fearless in the face of stormy waves,complete tasks that others consider impossible,and reach the shore of victory smoothly.

At the end of the activity,Mr.Zhou Aijun,CEO of DKE Oriental,made a summary speech,hoping that by participating in this activity,we could enhance the cohesion between the teams,carry forward the team spirit in the future work,spread positive energy,and strengthen the belief of common development and struggle with the company!

Through the one-day team building activities,the employees who are busy with their work can relax physically and mentally in an all-round way,and enhance the friendship between employees and enhance the sense of teamwork.I believe that in the future,we will be more full of spirit and enthusiasm into the work,together with coagulation,hard work,common growth,beyond expectations,create brilliant!

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