E-paper can bring a new experience in the new retail era

Recently,the hashtag#originally supermarket price tag is electronic screen has become a hot search,many people found that the original paper labels in supermarkets have been gradually phased out,and more and more supermarkets are using electronic price tags.

01.#Originally supermarket price tag is electronic screen?

After the hashtag went viral,most people in the comments section said they had never heard of it before:”I always thought it was handwritten stickers…The strange knowledge increases.”

In a photo shared by netizens,the label,which is supposed to indicate the price of the product,showed a large three-character message reading”Low battery”.One user responded:”This is the label calling for help,hahaha…”

Some netizens said that they had indeed seen it in some supermarkets,and some netizens even went to”study”it,which clearly has the same visual effect as the paper price tag screen is not electronic.

There are also netizens to popular science,”this is called the electronic price tag,belongs to the ink screen.”

02.E-paper in the new retail era enables a new experience

Electronic price tags,as price display tools,are now almost a standard part of new retail.Supermarkets,convenience stores and unmanned supermarkets,such as Yonghui Supermarket,Hema,Ole’supermarket,Wumei Supermarket,,Vanguard,and others,have all started to use electronic price tags instead of paper ones.

There are net friends who have worked in the supermarket,and have done the work of manually replacing paper price tags,which means just one word,”tired!”

Electronic price tag as the most direct contact with consumers and shop assistants carrier,shop assistants through the background wireless transmission of one-click update of commodity information,time-saving and accurate,cycle refresh price change,repeated use,green environmental protection.

Through the TWO-DIMENSIONAL code displayed on the electronic price tag,customers can directly jump online to understand the product information,user evaluation and complete the online order,optimize the shopping process.

The electronic screen mentioned by the blogger is the electronic paper display screen.Specifically,there are many small”microcapsules”attached to the surface of the screen,which encapsulate the black particles with negative charge and the white particles with positive charge.By changing the charge,the particles of different colors are arranged in order,thus presenting a clear visual effect of black and white.

The electronic price tag adopts the bistable and reflective technology of electronic paper,with ultra-low power consumption and almost zero power consumption when it is not working at a static state.And the brighter the ambient light source,the clearer the screen display content,180 degrees of ultra-wide Angle of view to improve the customer’s visual range.

In addition,the e-paper display is equipped with flexible personalized design.For example,the special offer of the day will be set in a prominent style and color on the display.The offer information is bigger and easier to identify than the traditional paper price tag,which is extremely attractive.

03.Diversified applications of e-paper lead to a new life of green wisdom

Focused on China in recent years in carbon,carbon neutral country strategy,tuyere of recycled economy,in the field of display,electronic paper display in bistable the technical characteristic and reflection type is suitable for many fields,for the masses to provide more intelligent,green terminal application of the paperless,leading the green low carbon,sustainable development of a new life wisdom.

Smart office:paperless office,reduce energy consumption,green eye protection,improve efficiency.

Urban transportation:visible energy saving and comfort,promoting smart and sustainable city development.

Logistics and warehousing:solve the problem of large consumption of disposable paper and materials,and support green and low-carbon development policies.

We believe that energy-saving,paper-like electronic paper will achieve continuous green and intelligent applications in various industries and fields in the future.As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Will continue to make efforts in e-paper products and technologies to help e-paper display be introduced and applied to more fields in the future and realize the promotion of more application scenarios.

The global shipments of e-paper label modules will exceed 200 million in 2021 and double in 2022
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