E-paper display | help the common development of smart medical “digitalization” and “green”

As the digital transformation of medical construction continues to mature and the service system continues to improve,people’s medical needs have changed,and the concept has gradually changed from the traditional”disease-centered”to”patient-centered”.

The traditional ward interaction model will be replaced

“Bed 16 fresh,penicillin allergy,pay attention to the temperature.”

“Bed 22 afternoon surgery,key matters and patients have communicated?”

“Doctor,I want to ask TO take this medicine should pay attention to what ah?”

“Nurse,have the results of my tests come back?Where can I get it?”


At present,many hospitals still use the traditional ward service mode,such as manual replacement of paper bedside cards,which is time-consuming and laborious and easy to cause errors.The efficiency of traditional communication and transmission is low,which seriously affects the timeliness.The information of the nurse station is complex and disorderly,and the interaction is difficult.

The traditional ward interaction mode can no longer meet the current needs of communication between doctors and nurses.Good facilities,high-quality services and comfortable environment have become indispensable means for the operation of the medical industry.

Comprehensive information sharing in the era of a screen

In the process of the development of smart healthcare,the integration of intelligent call screen,nursing information screen,intelligent corridor guidance screen,ward door plate,intelligent bedside card and other data information is an important embodiment of the construction of smart healthcare digitalization and information synchronization.

The integration of traditional ward medical information,combined with the application of Internet of Things+e-paper display,and wireless communication function,will bring a new experience for medical staff and patients.

»»A screen full view,full scene coverage

Through the electronic paper display,the nurse station,ward corridor,ward and other areas are connected to realize real-time data synchronization in multiple scenarios.

»»Zero information delay,improve efficiency

Hospital system data remote transmission,real-time synchronization of patient dynamics and nursing content through electronic paper display,information zero delay.

»»Treatment peace of mind,improve patient satisfaction

Through the electronic paper nursing information board in the ward,the interaction between doctors and patients is strengthened to improve patient satisfaction.

»»Help hospital informatization upgrade and build brand value

It helps hospitals’informatization and intelligent transformation and upgrading,and is conducive to creating intelligent and high-end brand value.

The adoption of Internet of Things+e-paper solutions in the construction of smart health care will also help promote the development of the medical industry towards a green and low-carbon model.

The LCD screen commonly used in medical institutions is not only harsh,thick and lacking of beauty,but also requires continuous power consumption when displaying the picture,which increases carbon emissions and is very unfriendly to the environment.

Developed foreign countries such as the United States and Denmark are experimenting with new low-carbon and energy-efficient technologies in medical devices,such as electronic paper displays that replace LCD screens.

Studies have shown that e-paper displays have more green and low-carbon environmental benefits in the medical environment.Taking the 7-inch display screen as an example,the annual electricity consumption of the LCD screen is about 78.84 degrees,while the annual power consumption of the 7.4-inch e-paper display is only 0.0042 degrees.Under the same size and time,the annual energy consumption of the LCD screen is nearly 20,000 times that of the e-paper product!

At the same time,the characteristics of electronic paper,such as light,paper-like feeling,no blue light and no damage to the eyes,can perfectly integrate the medical ward and provide patients with a beautiful and comfortable experience.

The development of”digitalization”and”green”in the medical industry has high requirements.As an interactive interface,e-paper display almost fully meets the needs and will become a hot product in the medical development in the future.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the Internet of Things field,DKE will continue to make great efforts in electronic paper products and technology,promote the integration of the medical industry and the Internet of things and create unlimited possibilities.

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