E-paper displays will be added to 11 cities in 2022 to boost the future development of digital currency wallets

Recently,the People’s Bank of China held a symposium on the pilot work of digital RMB RESEARCH and development,announcing the orderly expansion of the pilot scope,and all relevant participants should continue to promote the pilot work of digital RMB research and development while making progress in accordance with the plan and deployment.

Pilot areas to expand the general convenient deeply welcome

The meeting called for an orderly expansion of the digital RMB pilot,adding Tianjin,Chongqing,Guangzhou,Fuzhou,Xiamen and the six cities hosting the Asian Games in Zhejiang province as pilot areas.At present,China’s digital RMB pilot cities basically cover the Yangtze River Delta,pearl River Delta,Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei,central,western,northeast,northwest and other regions.

During the 2022 Winter Olympics scenario pilot,the digital yuan was verified by the market without any product problems or system glitches.In addition,its outstanding advantages of universal convenient and contactless payment,attention to the protection of personal privacy,and meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention have been praised and sought after by the majority of people.After the completion of the pilot,Beijing and Zhangjiakou will be transformed into digital RMB pilot areas.

The central bank of the digital RMB pilot range is very extensive,is a kind of recognition and optimistic about the digital RMB.In the future,we will make good use of the experience of the Winter Olympics,give full play to the innovative advantages of the Internet of Things,digitalization and intelligence,and deeply integrate digital RMB into educational campuses,business and supermarket business circles,transportation,government affairs and people’s livelihood and other fields,or become the development mainstream of the”post-Winter Olympics”era.

E-paper will help the future development of digital currency wallets

With the recognition and implementation of digital RMB,digital currency hardware wallet has naturally become an essential product and the demand has been greatly increased.Digital RMB visual card as the physical medium of hardware wallet,its important component-electronic paper display will also usher in a large application increment.

The digital RMB visual card adopts ultra-low power consumption electronic paper display as the display interface,only when the picture content is updated,it consumes a small amount of power,and the information in the card can be displayed continuously after the power failure,without affecting the consumption and payment of users.In addition,electronic paper display using plastic substrate to replace the traditional glass substrate,super thin,in daily life to carry very light,even if moderate bending will not break damage.

Digital RMB visual card with built-in ultra-low power consumption electronic paper display,which can display contents through the electronic paper display to realize a number of functions,including payment,positioning,attendance,looking for things,etc.,can be widely used in many fields.Such as electronic wallet,membership card,memory card,employee card,social security card,game currency card,campus card,parking card,shopping card and other relevant need to display the information in the card in the scene.

In 2021,in the Beijing digital RMB pilot activity of”Digital Wangfujing Ice And Snow Shopping Festival”,POSTAL Savings Bank and Bank of China respectively launched digital RMB visual card equipped with”Healthbao”Beijing health code query function.Users can post the product on the Healthbao device,and the status query and registration can be displayed on the e-paper display.This is the first time that the digital RMB visual card is equipped with other application functions besides the digital RMB application.

In the future,with a series of technological breakthroughs in digital RMB visual card,digital RMB will become a very common payment method,bringing great convenience to people’s livelihood and providing a strong guarantee for capital security.As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,and contribute to the future development of digital RMB wallet.

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