Low carbon marketing Electronic paper display – Tell the brand story with “sustainable development marketing”

Since last year,ESG,carbon neutrality and sustainable development have been mentioned frequently,and enterprises in many industries have begun to develop on the road of practicing green,sustainable,low-carbon and environmental protection.People’s consumption concept is also more environmentally friendly,and the marketing mode has entered the era of green marketing,which promotes each other with low-carbon economy.

The concept of”low-carbon marketing”is to apply the concept of sustainability to the marketing activities required by the production and operation of enterprises,so as to achieve the effect of reducing carbon emissions while realizing the benefit marketing.It is an emerging marketing model in the current era.

E-paper billboards–“Low Carbon Marketing”tells the brand story

Display screen,as the carrier of presenting brand marketing information,is an important component of marketing activities and is required by many application fields.

Under the global trend of advocating low carbon and energy saving,electronic paper display has been widely used in the global retail field of marketing by virtue of its paper-like display effect,static display of zero power consumption,reducing power use and other characteristics.

For example,5G and AIoT cosmeceuticals technology stores of Nippon Cosmeceuticals,the largest Japanese chain cosmeceuticals store in Taiwan,use 28-inch color electronic paper billboards as advertising displays.It is estimated that if the picture is updated once a day,the annual carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by about 297 kilograms.

If 30 million 10-inch electronic paper billboards around the world are used for five years,carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 1.2 million times compared with the electricity consumption of LCD billboards.Compared with disposable printed paper posters,it can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60,000 times,making important contributions to the sustainable development of the global environment.

A revolutionary new color electronic paper to replace paper billboards

E Ink Spectra™6 technology,announced this month,is a revolutionary new color e-paper offering unprecedented color saturation and brightness in reflective displays and comparable color results to advanced paper color printers on the market today.

E Ink Spectra™6 technology enhances color spectra and advanced color imaging algorithms to enhance product advertising and brand marketing.The goal is to provide alternatives to all paper poster billboards,including POP displays,billboards and posters,and other in-store advertising.

Electronic paper helps”low carbon marketing”double coordinated development

Today,low-carbon and environmental protection is the theme of The Times.As an intelligent terminal with real-time changes in product price,promotional advertising and other information,the electronic price tag and electronic billboard of electronic paper display are used to make intelligent interaction and deep integration of”human goods yard”with hardware,software and platform for each commodity,setting off a new trend of low-carbon marketing digital terminal and contact construction.

The accelerated adoption of zero-power dynamic e-paper billboards by retailers will not only help reduce carbon dioxide emissions and promote environmental sustainability,but also enable real-time dynamic adjustment of brand campaigns,collection and data management from a functional perspective,saving human time,reducing operating costs,and improving efficiency.

Industry Labels

In recent years,DKE is also committed to creating e-paper products that coexist with intelligence and environmental protection according to different e-paper technologies required by different intelligent scenarios.In 2022,we will join hands with E Ink to promote E Ink Gallery™Palette and E Ink Gallery™Plus color e-paper application,which will shine in commercial advertising,public display and other scenarios,and create extraordinary value in the digital display scene of the Internet of Things.To help realize the vision of paperless and net zero carbon emissions at an early date.

DKE’s current standard lattice series,E5 series and N Color series of large e-paper products are suitable for electronic billboard applications,and can be combined with multiple e-paper displays to achieve larger display size requirements.

It is an important direction for the future development of the Internet of Things to realize the synergy of digitalization and green.As a manufacturing service provider of electronic paper display technology in the Internet of Things field,DKE will continue to deeply cultivate electronic paper products and technology,help more fields to build the coordinated transformation and development of digitalization and green,and form a new pattern of mutual promotion and deep integration.

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