E-paper display-help the”smart and green”development of the exhibition

Every weekend’s circle of friends,there are always a few pictures and pictures of visiting exhibitions,I believe many people have the same feeling:watching exhibitions,visiting exhibitions has become a common way of life in the city.As various exhibitions emerge in an endless stream in every city,we have higher and higher requirements for exhibition forms and on-site experience while looking forward to better exhibitions to broaden our horizon.

E-paper intelligent exhibition badges intelligent services are efficient and convenient

The identity information,access information and validity period on the traditional exhibition badge cannot be modified once printed.The electronic paper smart badge can be used as the exhibition badge,which can transmit real-time information update remotely.Exhibitors can log in their personal information on the front line of admission,and load the information in inductive way when reporting on the scene.The whole process only takes a few seconds,which effectively improves the efficiency of on-site admission and work efficiency.

See during the exhibition,the exhibition personnel can be frivolous,passive electronic paper intelligent badges at the gate of the exhibition hall or designated place near to NFC induction,NFC touch way initiative to further understand the latest content and detailed introduction,no longer limited to only rely on full of dense text interpretation or regularly provide interpretation services personnel content,It has high interactivity and convenience.

After a day of exhibition,the e-paper smart badge can be recycled and reused to reduce the consumption of disposable paper,which is also a green and sustainable practice,and also gives the exhibition a paperless,intelligent and digital sustainable development concept.

In the exhibition,electronic paper display as the breastplate display interface,with its low power consumption,save electricity frivolous,passive often show,paper paintings that shows clearly the characteristics of easy to read,collocation of wireless transmission technology,combined with the digital management platform,flexible use,is the modern exhibition promotion service and efficiency,and increase the interactivity and see the best choice for exhibition to explore the experience rich,It is also more in line with the development trend of”wisdom,green and carbon reduction”.

Hosting the exhibition will help promote scientific epidemic prevention

As the global epidemic continues to spread,epidemic prevention and control is the top priority of the exhibition.The electronic paper smart name plate is used as the name plate of the exhibition.After the temperature of the exhibitors is measured,the personal recorded temperature will be transmitted to the management function of background flow management in real time,so as to more accurately control the safe number and scope of the exhibition and ensure the safety of the exhibitors and the environment.

Electronic paper display has a higher contrast ratio,screen under the condition of complicated ambient light and distance can still be 180°Angle of easily identify the breastpiece display content,supplemented by personal photos,even if the whole wear masks in the process of watching the show,keep a safe distance,will not affect the benefit of face-to-face communication,at the same time can also be non-contact inductive way to achieve a number of functions,It can be said that it is the best display interface for hosting and watching the exhibition at ease to help epidemic prevention.

Electronic paper display in the application of exhibition badges,highlights the advantages of display technology,in reducing real contact and social contact,so that the exhibition becomes safer,convenient and efficient,experience virtual and real interaction coexist.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Oriental Kemai will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,with more new solutions and technologies,hoping that in the future,we can realize ubiquitous upgrade experience of full process and full scene in more exhibitions,exhibitions and exhibition visits.

The opening ceremony of the 20th China(Suzhou)Electronic Information Expo was held in Suzhou International Expo Center
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