The opening ceremony of the 20th China(Suzhou)Electronic Information Expo was held in Suzhou International Expo Center

On November 19,2021,the opening ceremony of the 20th China(Suzhou)Electronic Information Expo and the 3rd Jiangsu Zifeng Award awarding ceremony were held in Suzhou International Expo Center.The exhibition will last for 3 days from November 18 to 20.

Wu Qingwen,Deputy Secretary of suzhou Municipal Party Committee and acting Mayor,Yang Zhiping,Deputy Mayor of Suzhou Municipal People’s Government,Zhou Weiqiang,chairman and Party Secretary of Suzhou CPPCC,and other leaders visited the booth for on-site guidance.

Guangdong E-Paper Association will cooperate with enterprises from the upper,middle and lower reaches of the electronic paper industry chain to participate in the exhibition,showing the relevant application scenarios of electronic paper technology in the segmentation fields of”new retail,smart education,smart transportation,smart office”,as well as various applications of electronic paper color.

As an e-paper industry chain enterprise,DKE exhibited various specifications of black and white,three-color and four-color e-paper products and technologies in this exhibition,which attracted many visitors to experience and feel,and expanded more people’s understanding and cognition of e-paper technology and application.

Exhibition held”the global electronic paper technology and application of peak BBS”,is restricted by epidemic control,professional visitors travelling,but the number of seats in full and pavilion from BBS activities,on the one hand reflects the exhibitors are professional and serious,on the other hand,also means to take away attention from the electronic paper industry and look forward to.

After nearly two years industry chain enterprise unity efforts of all parties concerned,and the E Ink pvi under the support of science and technology,electronic paper industry more and more attention from all walks of life,with research,production,all kinds of media campaigns,industry development,such as sun dongsheng,everybody in the guangdong association of electronic paper platform,competition,benign development,Fully reflects the industrial unity,forge ahead of the attempt heart.Hope that the development of electronic paper industry will bring a better future to the industry!

Experience smart Life e-paper to boost your happiness
E-paper display-help the”smart and green”development of the exhibition


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