E-paper billboards-economic benefits and green development integration

With the development of display technology,the Internet of things era and the concept of”sustainability”in the public,we are in different scenarios to touch the advertising screen carrier is also accelerating the transformation and upgrading.

E-paper billboards appear under”Full-screen Era”

From the perspective of the development process of screen digitalization in China,the 1.0 era TV,with the help of the continuous development of display technology,has gradually become the main screen medium for the public to receive advertisements.2.0 era With the innovation of digital technology and LED display technology,the rise of outdoor advertising,bringing more rich display scene;In the 3.0 era,the Internet accelerated the penetration and transformation of digital screens.

Nowadays,the carrier of advertising screen has become more abundant.Electronic paper display screen has become a new advertising display favored by the modern market with the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption,no blue light and no flash screen,bringing the advertising experience of”thousands of screens and thousands of faces”and”what you see is what you need”to the public.

The application of multi-scene mode improves situational interactive experience

Compared with the traditional outdoor billboards or LED billboards,billboards presented by electronic paper display can display other display technology can not match the quality of printing posters,set off the elegant atmosphere.Using remote wireless transmission to update content saves manpower deployment and printing costs,continuously displays no power consumption,increases operational efficiency,significantly reduces resource consumption,and has both intelligent and environmental benefits.

E-paper display characteristics

Electronic paper billboards do not need to lay additional floor type power supply system,not limited by the power line,can move the electronic paper billboard to the required position at any time,with a high degree of mobility,in any communication space to achieve a better short-term contact publicity effect.

Super retail:an ideal alternative to traditional paper advertising posters,the long-term use of electricity saving costs considerable,improve efficiency,and help the sustainable development of retail industry.

Community buildings:electronic paper billboards are used in blocks,corridors or elevators to reduce the visual impact of dazzling light and forced reading.In addition to commercial promotion,they also have the functions of information transmission,people’s livelihood services,political propaganda and cultural guidance.

Metro and bus:electronic paper billboards are used in the carriages or handle rings,which can get rid of paper printing and repeated installation and support flexible placement,greatly improving the number of advertisements and the effect of placement.

Business hall/office:electronic paper billboards are placed at the front desk or counter as advertising tools to provide the most intuitive reading effect for the staff who come to consult or deal with business,and at the same time play a role of instruction and guidance.

Four-color electronic paper develops digital signage applications

The application of electronic paper billboards,in order to reduce costs and drive large benefits,make the environment more green and low-carbon,in line with the concept of sustainable development.

The introduction of a new generation of four-color electronic paper display technology,through the bright color of black,white,red and yellow four-color electronic paper ink display clear and rich information,improve the speed of picture refresh,increase the applicable temperature range,will meet and expand the application of electronic paper billboards in diverse environments.

As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,serve more fields and promote social sustainable economic development,so that the concept of”green,low-carbon,energy saving,environmental protection and health”of electronic paper technology can be put into practice.

E-paper display-help the”smart and green”development of the exhibition
E-paper traffic station sign-to help the low-carbon transformation of global urban transportation


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