E-paper display — to help the automotive industry unlock a new path of green and low-carbon development

On February 9,the Symposium on automobile Carbon Economy was held in Beijing.The meeting pointed out that there is a clear direction of low-carbon transition in Chinese automobile industry,which is of great significance for China to achieve carbon peak and carbon neutrality.

Clear direction for green and low-carbon development of the automobile industry

The year 2023 has started,and a series of policies have become a new trend for the development of green and low-carbon industries.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology,the National Development and Reform Commission,and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment jointly issued the Implementation Plan for Carbon Peaking in the Industrial Sector,which defined the specific goals and realization paths of low-carbon development in the industrial sector during the 15th Five-Year Plan Period.The low-carbon transformation of the automobile industry is an important part of the action for carbon peaking in the industrial sector.

According to the overall requirements of the Plan,the automobile industry should integrate the green and low-carbon concept into the whole process of product design,raw materials,production,transportation,storage,use,recycling and treatment,and put it into practice in the whole industrial chain and low-carbon innovation and other key areas.

How can e-paper displays unlock a New low-carbon path

In recent years,in the automobile industry to promote low-carbon technology,process,equipment innovation breakthrough and transformation application,electronic paper display is also constantly helping the industry to unlock new low-carbon technology,low-carbon material,low-carbon process,enabling the industry to”double carbon”work.

E-paper can change color car

In 2022 and 2023 CES(Consumer Electronics Show),BMW Group released the world’s first e-paper color-changing concept cars–X Flow and i Vision DEE,which aroused the attention of the whole people.

The use of electronic paper displays in the body materials for dynamic colors also helps improve vehicle performance.For example,when the X Flow body is white,it can reflect sunlight in hot weather,while when the X flow body is black,it can absorb sunlight in cold weather,thus reducing the electric power consumption required for internal heating and cooling of the vehicle.

E-paper car digital advertising

In October 2022,RoadAds cooperated with BMW to create an e-paper car digital advertising project.The 32-inch e-paper display was installed on the outside of the BWM I3 and used as an advertising display.It was very technological and durable,and daily car washing would not have an impact.

E-paper displays can not only provide personalized color display effects,but also have a paper-like feeling outdoors,which can realize the content display with high contrast and high reflectivity,but also use ambient light to greatly reduce energy consumption and electricity use.

E-paper car head up display

Carloudy,the world’s first wireless heads-up e-paper display for cars,uses a 6-inch e-paper display that connects to a smartphone to display directions,speed,speed limits and more,and displays key data on the car’s windshield.

Carloudy uses e-paper display to realize smart collaborative work while continuously improving safety,convenience,comfort,artistry,energy conservation and environmental protection.

E-paper digital car plate

RPlate Pro,an electronic paper digital license plate launched by Reviver Auto,has been approved by the U.S.Departments of Motor Vehicles in California,Texas,Florida and Arizona.

The e-paper digital car plate is equipped with a GPS receiver that connects the license plate to a smartphone to update personalized information on the e-paper display,which uses ultra-low power consumption of e-paper display.

With the deep integration of industries,as a manufacturing service provider of new e-paper display technology in the field of the Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technology,to help the automotive industry promote carbon reduction through display technology innovation in the future,and continue to develop more low-carbon and zero-carbon automotive materials and promote their application,providing strong support for carbon reduction and emission reduction in the industry.

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