E-paper ID card-a new experience of intelligent identification

For any enterpFor any enterprise organization, the identification and management of personnel identity information is a complex job. In order to improve operational efficiency and security, effectively assist enterprises to improve personnel control, realize digital and intelligent identity management has become a new demand of enterprises.

The problems and disadvantages of traditional identification card

At present, the conventional identification device used by enterprises is the smart card with NFC function. The content of this traditional identification card is hard to change. If the information changes, the card needs to be remade, which wastes resources and is prone to human errors.

Facial recognition is also a choice which does not require a card, but there are security risks due to the lack of identification.

E-paper ID cards stand out

Compared with the traditional ID card, E-paper ID card can not only quickly and remotely synchronize the change content, without manual change, but also transmit authentication information through the network in real time, effectively preventing the security risk caused by losing cards.

In addition, has the province electricity, light, electronic paper paper painting sense, 180 ° Angle of view and excellent In addition, E-paper has low power consumption, light, paper painting sense, 180° Angle of view and excellent properties of showing without power consumption, has  higher contrast ratio, content can be clearly seen under the complicated ambient light and in further distance, as smart badges, identity card of the display screen is the best choice for enterprise development intelligence authentication device, equipped with a number of authentication identification solutions will revolutionize the intelligent authentication industry.

At the same time, the identification card application of electronic paper display technology can effectively help enterprises to solve the future development of identity management pressure, improve the efficiency and security of enterprise operation It is bound to become the best choice of enterprise identity management tools.

Use multiple solutions to improve multi-scenario applications

Employee card

By combining E-paper with wireless transmission technology, the identity information and changes of enterprise personnel can be updated with one key in real time through the handheld terminal APP, which can be read and written repeatedly and recycled and save a number of costs. Meanwhile, the electronic employee’s name tag with a high sense of high-tech is also helpful to improve the corporate image.

Conference Pass

After the electronic paper is embedded in the identity identification system, the information of participants can be After embedding E-paper into the identity identification system, the information of participants can be clearly presented through the E-paper screen,which can be used for registration and admission management and personnel entry and exit management, quickly complete the management of participants’ statistics, improve the efficiency of on-site admission. And this can also be used in large events.


Combined E-paper with the visitor management platform, visitors first register the required information in the platform, when they arrived the site, the information can be clearly displayed through the E-paper screen, saving the time for visitors to manually fill in their personal information, while ensuring the authenticity of the identity of visitors, enhance the efficiency and security of enterprise control.

EXPO Badges

Combined E-paper exhibition with digital management platform and wireless transmission technology with the navigation positioning services can provide the booth navigation service, record moving route, hot spot staying data, can be advantageous to the precise analysis of EXPO effectiveness. At the same time E-paper can accurately pushing advertising information, attract more event sponsors.

As a new E-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in IOT, DKE will persist in making efforts in E-paper products and technologies. We hope that with more new solutions and technologies in the future, DKE will bring more innovative applications of intelligent identification cards equipped with DKE E-paper to the market.

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