Solve the traditional warehouse pain point and demand-industrial electronic shelf label

  In recent years,with the development of Internet of Things technology,the use of electronic shelf labels is no longer limited to the new retail field scenarios such as supermarkets,convenience stores,pharmacies,etc.,but also widely used in the field of intelligent storage management,which provides a broad prospect for the development of warehousing and logistics industry.

The warehousing industry is beginning to say goodbye to paper

The warehouse management workload of the warehouse industry is huge.Although many enterprises have implemented the inventory management system,the system is mainly based on manual inventory and sorting,which leads to tedious work,easy to make mistakes and leaks,and very low efficiency.It cannot support the rapid inventory and sorting demand of a large number of goods.

Used warehouse management are combined with the traditional print bar code labels easy to damage,loss,and fell behind by dislocation paste,lead to can’t fine goods location accurate theorem,which appear easily caused the enterprise warehouse management inventory inaccuracies,data latency,hair wrong goods,low capacity utilization rate,low work efficiency,seriously reduces the efficiency and benefit of the enterprise.

Application advantages of electronic price tag in warehouse scenario

Based on these urgent problems existing in traditional warehouse management,the emergence of electronic shelf labels is not accidental,but inevitable.

Electronic shelf label applications in warehouse management,set on a variety of automation equipment,and the background system information synchronization,real-time updates and outbound goods,picking requirements,such as information,indicates the goods and quantity,to cherry-pick help pick up the goods personnel work,relevant personnel according to the corresponding information,the efficient and reasonable route operated in an orderly way,So as to effectively reduce the picking error rate,accelerate the picking speed,improve the efficiency of the purpose,to achieve the manual can not complete the flexibility,information synchronization accuracy and timeliness.

Compared with LED shelf label bar code,the electronic shelf label display using electronic paper display is not affected by backlight,has a 180 degree visual wide Angle,far visual distance and can also be viewed clearly in the outside strong light.Bistable characteristics of electronic paper,low power consumption,not replace the picture without electricity,and storage of the screen replacement cycle is relatively long,so the electronic shelf label can long time don’t need to plug can accompany the equipment operation real-time data display,simple installation,do not need to change the original structure,saving the cost of the upgrade.

In addition,when using electronic shelf price tags with LED lights,employees can turn on the LED lights of the electronic price tags in the background,and the LED lights with different colors show the different states of the electronic price tags,alerting employees to use the LED light function of the electronic price tags to quickly locate the location of goods,and timely replenish and pick up goods on the shelves.

The application of electronic shelf labels in the warehouse management industry can help manually reduce a large number of operation processes.It has the incomparable advantages of traditional shelf labels.It is an important link in the development of intelligent storage and will receive more attention in the future.

As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies to help electronic price tags realize more scenarios,improve the management efficiency of enterprises in the warehousing industry,and accelerate the process of automatic intelligent management.

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