DKE help fight disease | concentric “Shanghai”, “disease” road with me!!

Since mid-march,epidemic prevention and control the situation even more severe and complex,Shanghai DKE east branch vein for positive response national epidemic prevention and control policy,the power of Shanghai epidemic prevention and control work,with practical action to practice corporate social responsibility,DKE east branch vein to Shanghai employees and the community life of the masses have difficulty giving epidemic materials related to life.

On April 15th,with the support and help of the relevant government in Jiashan and Shanghai,the partners of DKE Jiashan Manufacturing Center implemented the material procurement,logistics distribution and other matters at the fastest speed.On April 16th,the materials arrived in Shanghai smoothly and all the distribution was in place!

Outbreak in front not”bystanders”and”outsiders”,in the case of area traffic control,Shanghai residents to the normal work and life,DKE east branch vein encourage employees to contribute an own strength,actively contact with the community,for the community there are difficulties of the masses,to provide help and support,DKE east branch vein as Shanghai enterprise shall actively assist the epidemic prevention and control,We are working together to build the Great Wall of COVID-19 and demonstrate our corporate responsibility with warmth and strength.
The company’s”anti-epidemic materials kit”contains more than 10 kinds of anti-epidemic materials such as vegetables,fruits,meat,milk,rice and noodles.After receiving the company’s love package,colleagues also posted pictures on social platforms,saying that under the epidemic situation,they could feel the company’s sincere care for everyone,so that their lives could be guaranteed.They would make concerted efforts with the company to overcome the epidemic and jointly practice DKE’s humanistic concept of”One Team,One Dream”!
Current,pulse of division of DKE eastern manufacturing center and branches,cling to the epidemic prevention and control work,lift the epidemic prevention and control of production and balance,guarantee the customer product supply,to do a good job of logistics support frontline staff,the production base of staff strictly abide by the epidemic prevention and control policy and no burden on the prevention and control to the society,up and down together,to minimize the impact of the epidemic,I am confident that with the concerted efforts of all parties,Shanghai will succeed in its fight against the epidemic,the”reverse cold”will soon be over,and spring flowers will bloom in the near future.

DKE full color e-paper display N color products launched
The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology’s policy supports e-paper to bring a more colorful future to the world


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