Classes start the countdown|e-paper protect children with eye health for you

The summer vacation of 2021 has come to an end,and classes are about to resume.The issue of eye care for students in this holiday season has attracted much attention.The Ministry of Education guided the national comprehensive prevention and control of myopia in children and teenagers to put forward the tips of eye care for primary and secondary school students and children in the summer vacation of 2021,and advocated the majority of primary and secondary school students and children to arrange their life and study in a scientific and reasonable way,and scientific and healthy eye care.

Nowadays,electronic products have become an indispensable part of children’s learning life,is a good assistant to life,learning a powerful auxiliary tool.At present,it is the summer vacation,which is also the high frequency time for children to use electronic products.In addition,parents are busy with work and neglect the management of children’s use,which will affect the children’s eye health.And myopia is easy to cause a variety of serious complications,such as cataract,retinal detachment and glaucoma,and the consequences are serious.

E-paper displays have a reputation for being designed for reading,and are the perfect medium for the eye.Compared with other display technologies,electronic paper display high reflectivity and contrast,under the high brightness,including direct sunlight,other display visual sense leads to difficulty reading fainter,and electronic paper display technology based on reflective display,with traditional paper and the principle of visual objects in life,so can be achieved easily with the eye,easy to read.

Among the many recreational and multi-functional electronic products,e-schoolbags and e-readers have become the preferred eye care for children and teenagers in summer because they can provide children with a distract-free,focused and healthy reading environment.So why are learning products with e-paper displays so good for kids?

1.Reflective technology says goodbye to screen damage

E-paper learning products equipped with e-paper displays do not emit light.Like paper books,they can achieve visibility through ambient light and have no blue light.They have the benefits of digital reading and eye protection.

2.Closed study says no to distractions

The e-paper learning product system is designed specifically for learning to read,without the use of entertainment applications,without the distraction of other video and audio media or entertainment game messages,to improve children’s concentration and provide a focused,immersive learning environment.

3.Color e-paper is available to enhance learning experience

At present,there are learning products using color electronic paper display available,which bring e-paper learning directly into the color era,bring colorful visual experience for children,improve the fun of learning,but also retain the characteristics of traditional e-paper learning products of extreme energy saving and eye protection.

At a time when screen use has become the daily need of children in learning and life,we look forward to more innovations in e-paper display”eye protection”technology in the future,and more achievements will be applied in the next generation of intelligent education,so as to”free eyes”.

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