E-paper traffic station sign-to help the low-carbon transformation of global urban transportation

  Under the goal of carbon neutrality,the production and life style of the whole society is facing a major change from high carbon to low carbon or even zero carbon.

  At present,the zero-carbon transformation of global urban transportation is imperative,and it is urgent to adopt more effective strategies and realization paths to promote urban transportation to peak as soon as possible and finally achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

Global carbon neutral acceleration period electronic paper traffic station signs are favored

  At present,besides China,Tokyo,London and other cities have successively released relevant strategic documents for carbon neutralization,put forward the target year for realizing carbon neutralization at the city level,and put forward the development direction and path for carbon emission reduction of transportation.For example,London released The London Plan[4]in March 2021,proposing that London should become a”zero-carbon”city by 2050.In December 2019,Tokyo released The Zero Emission Tokyo Strategy[5],proposing to achieve Zero carbon Emission by 2050.

Carbon peak and carbon neutral target timetables for major countries

  With its advantages of low power consumption,non-eye injury,high coverage and low cost,electronic paper also meets the requirements of urban energy conservation and emission reduction and is environmentally friendly.It has become the application interface choice most in line with the mode of”smart transportation+green travel”in the carbon neutral era and is favored by countries all over the world.E-paper traffic station signs can be seen in many major countries and regions such as China,Japan,the United States and Europe.









  E-paper is the traffic stop combined with GPS,wireless communication,GIS geographic information system technology and the running characteristics of traffic,such as the line stops,vehicles in real time,realize the intelligent traffic information release,improve the efficiency of the utilization rate of public transport vehicles and green travel,at the same time,through the construction of perfect monitoring system,site monitoring management inside the bus.

E-paper displays help achieve net zero carbon emissions

  Electronic paper traffic station signs with ultra-low power consumption and high visibility has become a strong demand in the global traffic field.In the field of display technology,according to test data,the same size of the display screen,electronic paper display power is 3 w,outdoor LCD display of the power of 250 w~300 w,which is about 100 times of the former,the electronic paper is the traffic stop high efficiency and energy saving,reduce dependence on traditional power resources and consumption,reduce light pollution,completely carbon neutral.

  If LCD,LED and OLED displays are applied to intelligent terminals in the field of transportation,there is a problem that cannot be ignored–power lines need to be laid in kiosks and poles to supply power to the display.The use of electronic paper display of traffic signs and intelligent bus terminals without access to external electricity,using solar energy can achieve energy self-sufficiency,meet the daily electricity demand of electronic paper display,save electricity construction costs,avoid traffic jams,help green low-carbon zero emissions.

  In the era of the Internet of Things and carbon neutrality,future displays need to meet more stringent requirements of ultra-low power consumption,energy saving,wireless power supply,outdoor visibility and so on.Electronic paper display has excellent characteristics of power saving,energy saving,green and low carbon,etc.,which is the ideal display of modern industries to meet the trend of low carbon and realize the development of smart city.

  As a new e-paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,help the promotion and popularization of electronic paper products,greatly save energy and reduce carbon,and achieve the development goal of net zero carbon emission green city.

E-paper billboards-economic benefits and green development integration
“14th Five-year plan” city digital construction speed up e-paper to help realize the vision


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