E-paper display helps”wisdom+safety”campus construction

The Ministry of Education issued the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Strengthening the Management of Mobile Phones among Primary and Middle School Students,which clearly pointed out that mobile phones should be restricted from entering the campus and the use of electronic student cards with the function of phone call should be explored to meet the needs of students to call their parents.

The smart electronic student ID card replaces the mobile phone to enter the school

The announcement of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Strengthening the Management of Mobile Phones among Primary and Middle School Students has made smart electronic student cards a popular alternative to mobile phones.

On the basis of the ordinary student card,the intelligent electronic student card has built-in technology modules such as positioning and communication,realizing functions such as location tracking,real-time call,mobile payment,etc.,and can solve the pain points that parents are generally concerned about,such as:

·With the implementation of the policy of banning mobile phones on campus,the communication between home and school is faced with difficulties,such as making phone calls,checking location,etc.;

·There are more and more functions of children’s watches on the market,which excessively occupy children’s energy and affect their study;

·The rate of myopia among adolescents is increasing year by year and showing a trend of younger age,and visual health has become the focus of social attention.

Policies help accelerate the expansion of the smart electronic student ID market

With the release of the policy,coupled with the promotion of education information 2.0,the market growth of smart electronic student ID cards has been accelerated.

According to the national Education statistics released by the Ministry of Education in 2021,the number of primary and secondary school students in China reached 158 million in 2021.Currently,students using smart electronic student cards are mainly concentrated in Shanxi,Guizhou,Sichuan,Yunnan,Gansu,Zhejiang,Xinjiang,Liaoning and other provinces and cities.It can be seen that there is not only a huge market space for smart electronic student cards,but also a rapidly expanding demand as they are favored by schools,parents and students across the country.

The Ministry of Finance of China is also increasing its investment in the construction of intelligent education digital informationization.According to the statistics of Qianzhan Industry Research Institute,the investment scale of education informatization is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan.

E-paper display helps”smart and safe”campus construction

Smart electronic student card is also an electronic device,also has the learning function of e-books.So,students long-term use will increase the rate of myopia?

Smart electronic student cards with e-paper displays do not have this problem.E-paper has paper-like feeling,high definition,no strobe,no blue light,and strong light,which is more suitable for students to use and read and learn,and effectively solves the pain point of long-term digital learning in smart education that harms eye health.

In addition,compared with campus products such as mobile phones and children’s watches,smart electronic student cards with e-paper displays can better meet the needs of schools and parents.

Electronic paper display has the excellent properties of passive often show,intelligent electronic student card can be in the condition of no power supply continues to display the information content,completely passive situation next homes don’t have to worry about communication problems,college school safety regulatory blind area,and in case of emergency call for help,let the child can have a healthy and safe campus environment.

With the continuous evolution and upgrading of intelligent electronic student cards,”wisdom+safety”campus construction is just around the corner.As a manufacturing service provider of new e-paper display technology in the Internet of Things field,DKE will continue to make great efforts in e-paper products and technologies to help more end-product applications suitable for home and school scenarios,and contribute to the construction of smart and safe campus.

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