Flexible display era comes Flexible e-paper display boosts the new integration of intelligent terminals

In recent years,with the rapid development of science and technology,intelligent products with each passing day are constantly refreshing people’s eyes,both in shape and function,and also bring new experience to users.

With the continuous development of”green”flexible e-paper display technology,we feel that the flexible electronic era is within reach.

The application field of flexible e-paper is expanding

When watching the Harry Potter movies,many people are impressed by the dynamic display of magic newspapers.In a way,this is a flexible display screen.

So in reality,flexible e-paper displays are used in what iot scenarios due to their advantages of bendability,ultra-low power consumption,shatterproof and durability?

Smart watches

Sony FES Watch U The whole Watch can be displayed on the dial and strap with the built-in or self-created patterns through the mobile phone APP,endows the Watch with unique personal style.

Professional clothing accessories

The 878 ProRacing jacket has a flexible e-paper display embedded in it,which allows the wearer to fully bend his or her arms to suit his or her career needs while clearly displaying the information content.


It can be folded and opened repeatedly like a book.At present,it can be folded more than 50,000 times.The display area is unchanged,and the overall body only needs half the size.

Electronic information Kanban board

Like the traditional paper poster,it can be pasted on the radian wall of bus,subway and other tunnels and inside the car,changing the content with the needs of the application environment.

Full color billboards

The color electronic paper display technology is introduced into the flexible electronic paper information Kanban,and the application scope is further expanded.

“Green”flexible e-paper display

Flexible electronic paper display is mainly composed of FPL(electronic paper film),PS film(polystyrene protective film),PI flexible substrate(polyimide film),IC(integrated circuit chip),FPC(flexible circuit board).The PI flexible substrate,FPL and PS film are attached together from bottom to top,and IC and FPC are fixed on the PI flexible substrate by ACF(heterosquare conductive adhesive).

Compared with traditional e-paper display,the main difference of flexible e-paper display is that the etched line TFT of traditional e-paper display is replaced by PI flexible substrate,which is also the key factor to achieve flexibility.The existing TFT is a hardboard circuit.Therefore,the production of flexible e-paper etches the circuit on the TFT onto the PI flexible substrate,thus achieving the technical effect of being flexible,bent and not easy to crack.

The flexible e-paper display has the characteristics of ultra-thin,easy to carry and not easy to break,but also has the advantages of ultra-low power consumption and green energy saving.The terminal products created by the flexible e-paper display are also suitable for the needs of the low-carbon,environmental protection,energy saving and efficiency scenarios of the Internet of Things,such as luggage labels,logistics labels,smart cards,etc.

DKE has never stopped the extensive and in-depth technical research and innovation in the key technology fields of flexible e-paper.In 2020,DKE established a flexible e-paper research and development team,completed the strategic investment in Plastic Logic in 2021,and jointly utilized their respective technology,manufacturing and market advantages.Jointly develop and expand the application of flexible e-paper display technology in various intelligent products of the Internet of Things.

As a manufacturing service provider of new e-paper display technology in the Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make great efforts in e-paper products and technology,and integrate them into more scenes where flexible display is needed in the Internet of Things,so as to achieve green development and bring more new changes to our lives.

The e-paper display”one-click car-hailing smart screen”facilitates smart travel
E-paper display helps”wisdom+safety”campus construction


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