The terminus of contemporary Mencius’mother’s three moves can be an“electronic schoolbag”

In China, the most classic example of the impact of environmental on educational success is the story of Mencius’ mother moving three times for finding a proper educational environmental for his son.

The importance of educational environment

When Mencius was a child, he lived by the cemetery and played funeral games with the children of his neighbors. Mencius’mother immediately moved with him to the a place near market. Then, Mencius learned to make business with the children in their neighborhood. When Mencius’mother knew, she took Mencius moved once again to a place nearby an academy. This time, Mencius began to be orderly, polite, and fond of reading, and eventually became the”sub-saint”of China admired by later generations.

The story of Mencius’mother moving three times indicate us a profound truth: educational environment has a huge impact on a person’s growth. With the rapid development of modern education information technology, the application of high quality and healthy E-Teaching has become a tendency, and “electronic schoolbag” has become an information assistant for children’s study and life.

In the intelligent education environment of the E-schoolbag, classrooms are guided by information technology, the teaching quality and learning interaction efficiency are improved, and students’ autonomous learning ability is improved. So what does a “digital e-paper bag” look like?

The electronic schoolbag fully supports smart campus education

As a product of the era of “paperless books”, the electronic schoolbag with an electronic ink screen is ultra-thin, can be written by hand, and can maintain the display even when power is cut off. The e-paper screen can restore the reading experience of paper books and support the original handwriting. Reflective technology allows children to read and study for a long time without strong light causing irritation to the eyes, which can protect eyesight. E-paper displays use very low power to change frames and are about 27 percent lighter than liquid-crystal displays of the same size. The unique features of eye protection, energy saving, light weight and paper sense enable students to study healthily anytime and anywhere.

The electronic schoolbag consists of three parts: “learning terminal, resources, and teaching system”, covering preview, teaching, and review classes. Students can open it anytime and anywhere to do homework, directly download and submit homework online, and teachers can break through the time and space limitations to review and tutoring remotely anytime and anywhere, truly realizing zero distance between home and school. Electronic schoolbag cannot download entertainment application, which can effectively control students’ entertainment. As long as they carry it, they can realize efficient learning no matter where they go.

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